Monday, October 22, 2012

Nightly Megathread #22

Equestria... A place that us bronies look at and wonder, "Why can't our world be that?" It is a world ran on trust in one another and the spirits of harmony, rather than greed and selfishness... We all yearn to live such a place... A utopia...

Special Comic Post!

Not to many comics today, but this one did pop up and I really enjoyed it! (This is totally not making up for a lack of 8:55 post). Also: Season 3 spoilers. Enjoy!

Music: Rainbow dash/ Good Girl (Tombstone and Dasha) Cover/ MegaRainbowOverDrive/ 1000 years/ Echoes of Nightmare Night/ 20 Percent Cooler/ A Bond Unbroken

I'd be Lord of the Rings I manifest
Represent from the den I don't wear no vest
I got a heart in my chest that goes "Bu-bomp-ba-bomp"
I sway half-way the day's hump gets over~

More music to sink your teeth ears into... Due to the spoiler in #4, you can find it by clicking on the title of the song below... The rest you can find after the break, G!

1. Rainbow dash remix song
2. Good Girl (Tombstone and Dasha) Cover
3. MegaRainbowOverDrive-Kenneth
4. 1000 years - Constep (SPOILERS!)
5. Radix-Echoes of Nightmare Night[Halloween Album Free Track]
6. Rainbow Dash - 20 Percent Cooler
7. A Bond Unbroken (Djent)

PMV: Way Back Home / Things Have Changed / Soldiers

PMVs, go get 'em solders. |March below the break|

Miniature Discussion post #4

These comics can't come out soon enough!

For this post I’d like to start out with a quote from John De Lancie on the purpose of the Bronycon Documentary, then prompt discussion about two related topics:

The reason for fewer Season 3 episodes!

There is now an explanation for why Season 3 only has 13 episodes! According to the Hasbro determined less investment in the show was necessary to maintain the same revenue. Go here for the actual quote, and go here for the full report.

To make it perfectly clear, FIM wasn't the only show that has a small season: in fact, it's their most popular series that have half-seasons right now, and it's unlikely that Hasbro will simply  end some of their most popular series. It seems the logic is that if you have some episodes to rerun for kids to watch, you don't need as many new episodes to keep a successful series going, BUT  it was made clear enough that the folks at Hasbro know you still need some new stuff.

New “Friendship is Magic” soundtrack petition up on

The people down at DerpyHoovesNews have gathered new info on a petition for a MLP FIM soundtrack. Go here to sign the petition. Go past the break to learn more.

Equestria LA announces Michelle Creber!

EQLA is now more awesome than physically possible. This awesomeness has collapsed into a singularity that has drawn in Michelle Creber! Awesome conventions! Y u so far away?!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #13

Source #1

Ah, one of the most feely moments of Full Metal Alchemist. I haven'y watched much of it, but I do remember this scene. Anyways, have some Art!

Animation: Daylight's End

The people down at Silly Filly Studios have made another fantastic animation. Go and watch it after the break!

Brony Breakdown #17

Picture relevant.

Saberspark! Paleo! Breakdowns! Bronies! Watch it!

Tutorial/PMV/Trailer: Zero Dark Pony / His name is Discord / How to make a PMV

Well, I didn't find any more HD Sweetie Bot, but I did happen to find a Pinkie-bot. Must find more!
Up next is a PMV, a trailer, and a nice little tutorial on how to make PMVs! Enjoy!

1) Zero Dark Pony
2.) PMV — His name is Discord
3.) How to make a PMV

Music : The Sisters Hunt! / Winter Unwrapped / "Memory Lane" / Fluttershy Avast / Generation P


Do you see this header? This is the first HD Sweetie Bot Wallpaper I've ever seen!! Needless to say, it is already on my desktop. Anyways, go and listen to some music while I go and scour the interwebs for more Hi def Sweetie Bot goodness. Don't be afraid to link me some!

1.) The Sisters Hunt!
2.) Radiarc - Winter Unwrapped
3.) "Memory Lane" - Giggly Maria (Cover of Forest Rain's cover)
4.) Fluttershy Avast 2nd Remix
5.) Generation P

Flash : Nightmare Night / Mane 6 Law Enforcement

To start off the morning, have some Derpy on Nightmare Night. Also, it looks like Berry Punch had too much fun last night. On the bright side, I got a new coffee maker! Woo Hoo!