Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nightly Megathread #112

Time. What is time? A cruel master? A sweet mistress? Can we ever really know what time is?

If you're asking that, you're in the wrong place. Nonsense ahoy!

Comics: Fluttershy'd Immortal Coil / Big Bad Sombra / PONIES!!! - 28 / The Wrong Spell / Twixie Genies

Here's yet more nice comics from folks on deviantArt after the break. Enjoy!

Artsy #141

Losing touch with reality
I am in anger of getting torn to pieces
By 1000 souls, living in my body
They're breaking out of me, crying for salvation

A short one by me for the night. Short for our proportions, at least.
Find them drawings after the break.

Music: Majesty Within/ The Allure of Chaos/ Heavy Heart/ Lost City/ DO THE PONY

Come on and just
take a sec to realize time and space
and find a space to just relax yourself
Ain't no worries here dog
as far as I can tell we dwell with subterranean thought propel

A magestic Rarity piece from CommandSpry, a "chaotic, weird song" for Discord from Crystal Slave, a "mix of orchestral and synthy stuff with [Jastrian's] usual ambient vibe" from Jastrian, a dark soothing song from Legendary, and a 80's vocal dance song from F3nning...

1. Majesty Within - CommandSpry
2. Crystal Slave - The Allure of Chaos
3. Jastrian - Heavy Heart
4. Legends Box - Lost City
5. F3nning - DO THE PONY

Quiz Results: Of Bob and Twi

Well, First Quiz done on this site, and It has a lot more detailed results than the polls do. |more after the break|

Mike's Marvellous Miscellanea! (And Documentary Review)

Brace yourself: Discord is coming! No really: this will be a very random post, but hopefully also an enjoyable one.

To start off, what you see above is a 3D-printed Twilight Sparkle, which I printed in ABS on a printer given to my college laboratory (The CollabLab) by Lulzbot; an awesome, very friendly 3D-printing company. The STL for this print was made by another brony (info here or here), and is meant to be printed without support material. There were some issues since I did not use a fan and I kept the bed temperature a little high to make certain the ABS would stick, but all considered it worked out well. And that brings me to the point of all this: very soon I will be making my own 3D printer, at which point I could produce printed ponies commercially. Of course I'd try to get a license or something from Hasbro, but when that's done, 3D printed merchandise could be this site's equivalent of WeLoveFine. But first I'd like to gage interest to see if it'd be worthwhile... So does anyone want 3D-Printed Ponies?

Continue after the break: this post's just getting started.

Keep Calm and Flutter On Episode Review

Now that the hiatus is over, Discord won't be the only one freed from his slumber.  The nice folks who compose the Blog(6+3) have decided to unfreeze me from their underground bunker so that I can give my humble opinion on the new, hearty helping of pony.  So how does it hold up?  Stay tuned to Discord's Domain to find out, and we'll be right back after the break.

Convention Updates: Las Pegasus Unicon & GalaCon

Las Pegasus Unicon

Tabitha St.Germain & Andrea Libman are announced as guests.
M.A. Larson & Andy Price also announced to participate.
Finalists of their Fanfic Writing are made public.


Ticket sales officially start during Kallisti II charity livestream on 26th January.

For more in-depth information, look up the articles on DHN:

Music Megapost: Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu (Feat. Feather)/ Of Greater Horizons/ Hooves Up High (Motivfs Remix)/ Art of the Dress Remix アレンジ/ A Rock (Rarity Dedication)/ Changeling Anthem/ Discord (Euro Touhou Mix)

I wonder how she doesn't run into everything with those glasses on...

In case the first music post earlier today didn't bore you, here's another one.
We got an enhanced version of ElectroKaplosion's Pony Waifu cover, now featuring Feather.
In the second slot there's a new Instrumental piece from Kyoga. Yesss...
Afterwards, we continue with yet another remix of Silva Hound's Hooves Up High. It's Drum'n'Bass. And surprise! You migth know the remixer under another name. It's Bull Smit.
The forth song is an interesting remix of Art of the Dress. Obviously done by one of our Japanese comrades, oodora.
In the fifth place, some Dubstep by VINXIS (who seems to adore caps lock) dedicated to Rarity... And Tom. It portrays their love-hate relationship with Wubs.
Then there's CarbonMaestro's Industrial Orchestral finale for his Pony Empires album. Great piece.
And lastly, something for Kyo. Delta Brony's crossover of Super Ponybeat's Discord with Touhou. That's what it says.

The Japanese characters there mean "Arrangement", btw. Thanks to Google Translate for that.

Artsy #140

More FlutterCord? More FlutterCord. More art after the break as usual. Oh, and you may need this. *hands you a snorkel* Don't drown.

Comic Megapost

Lots of comics below the break! Some of which you may have seen. Goodness! Yesterday was certainly a day of Discord! I guess we're just catching up then.

Music: Fix Shy / Scootaloo's Battle Theme / Untill The Sun / Endless Skies

How did this not get posted yesterday? There's some good music to be heard!

  1. Gray and RainSnowHail - Fix Shy
  2. Scootaloo's Battle Theme V2.0 by DoctorWhoovesPhD
  3. Replacer &I feat. Feather ~ Until the Sun (GaugeN Remix)
  4. Endless Skies (By TheDashDub) [1000 Subs!!]