Sunday, January 20, 2013

Comic Megapost

Lots of comics below the break! Some of which you may have seen. Goodness! Yesterday was certainly a day of Discord! I guess we're just catching up then.

Eat it Up
This must be a reference to something... I just don't know what.
I Wish To Be Powerful
Genies... You can never trust 'em.
It's not my wallet
Obligatory Spongebob reference.
 Defensive measures
How do they even make Snow Balls without fingers?
 Comic 33 Twilight's Fantasy VI
I think this one was submitted by someone, but I forget who... Thanks though! Leave a comment perhaps: don't be shy!
How twi should work
Reminds me of a scene from EEnE
 Gunslinger Chapter 1 Page 1
Not much here at the moment, but it looks like it will be a series.
Prison Breakdance
Madmax never Dissapoints.