Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nightly Megathread #33

Next year...

Man... It feels like just yesterday where this wizard was a ninja that got to do Gangnam Style with Slenderman, Spiderman, a witch, Thor, a furry, and another black guy... Good times...

Scratching and Surviving! (Song Break!)

SFM: Hug

WHAT'S UP EVERYPONY!? RB is here and back in business! I mess everyone so much that I could just hug all of you! Get said hug after the break.

Expect Artsies from me again on Monday.

Mega Music Post #14

If that isn't your reaction to these Mega Music Post's (and the pic up there) I don't know what is.
Fluttershy says "Hi!"

1.) Neighslayer - Awakening (Instrumental)
2.) This Is Nightmare Night
3.) A Dream Revisited Half Song Visualizer
4.) Fluttershys Demise
5.) Eternal Nightmare Night (400 Sub Special)
6.) Galactic - I Got It (Hans Remix)
7.) Jastrian - Celestial Sisters
8.) Neighsayer - Scratch
9.) Creepy skies (Happy Nightmare Night!)
10.) Bright nights and dark days - Constep (WIP)
11.) Nightmare Night - DnB
12.) Restrained Madness - Do or Die
13.) Nightmare Lyre - Solar Monarchy [Original Song]
14.) At the Gala - Chiptune Arrangement

Poll Results

Here are the poll results, and now that I have concluded that chain of polls, you can check out the new one. |more after the break|

Music: The Harvest(ft. Vannamelon)/ Luna (Nightmare Mode) Remix/ Discord Causes Every Natural Disaster At Once

Gravitational pull
I'll have you making a fool
Out of yourself on the dance floor
Doing back spins, running man, and more
Party down with Vigga and Candor

I know Nightmare Night was yesterday, but I can't stop listening to #3... It's that awesome!! Check them all out after the break...

1. DJ En3au - The Harvest(ft. Vannamelon)
2. Luna (Nightmare Mode) Remix-GoldDash65
3. Seventh Element - Discord Causes Every Natural Disaster At Once

Miniature Discussion post #13

I hope you all enjoyed Halloween! Looks like Rarity and Pinkie Pie did!.

Magic *snort snort*
What an odd storytelling tool: it twists the narratives of fantasy stories odd ways, and allows rationalization despite abstraction. But what if you had to bring the abstract back to the concrete? How would you scientifically explain all the crazy stuff that happens in FIM? For that matter, how would you apply sic-fi logic to FIM? Is FIM's time-travel Back-the-future style, or Star Trek style?
Pinkie sense? - a reversal of causality
Nightmare moon? - Luna controlled by Vashta Nerada
Spike's rapid growth during Secret of my Excess - obviously he's like one of those plastic thingies that grows when you put it in water

Mane6 updates: still chugging away.

Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie always seems to go well with Mane6 updates. I can't imagine why...

Mane6 has released a new update, for anyone following that game development. You can find it here.

...tbh I like SSB-style fighting games more than SF-style fighting games. Something about the format perhaps...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #28


All of my what... Anyways, if you're looking for art, you've come to the right place

PMV : Breakneck Pace / Pony Strangers

It is only one day after Nightmare Night, so i still say this post warrants a Nightmare header. After the break, enjoy two awesome PMVs.

Comic Post #27

Or Perhaps, 'Happy Molest Fest.' by ~FutureWonderbolt

After watching both seasons of friendship is magic, sometimes I feel like Dash is more derpy than Derpy herself. She's done lot's of things, hasn't she? Colors, lines, and words found below. Your mind should be able to compile and process everything into a pony comic.

Das Cider Hoof!

Good morning everyone! Do you guys like breakfast? I was sure craving some after listening to this song.
The lyrics are a little strange, but the vocals are amazing! Definitely listen to it after the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #27

Oh god no! Fluttershy's the first to go!

AVMLP: Even better than AVP. I wonder which pony would be Ripley... Anyways, art after the break!