Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nightly Megathread #133

And then Nightmare Moon was a Final Fantasy boss. It looks like the Mane 6 may need to do some more grinding before they're ready to take on her, even with the elements.

Expect the unexpected after the break.

Music in the evening

As mentioned above. Nothing more, nothing less.

Delta Brony -- Twilightlicious (Super Eurobeat Mix) -- Eurobeat
MsIkarishipper --  Luna's Reply (Lullaby for a Princess Luna Version) -- Ballad
NomNom featuring MEMJ0123 -- Retribution -- Ballad
Sim Gretina & Feather -- Allons-y (Remix by ethansight) -- Trance Remix
Sonic Rainboom -- Timberwolves -- Techno
ThatSonofaMitch and StormWolf -- Harvest Of Dreams (Thomas H. Remix) -- D'n'B Remix

Tabitha St. Germain on Twitter

Look who got herself a Twitter account. Tabitha St. Germain, known as VA of Rarity, Princess Luna and a couple more ponies in MLP: FiM besides speaking roles in other cartoons.
So, visit her page and say hello. Give her a warm welcome:

TY Pony Plush for preorder

The three new plushies by the manufacturer "ty" are up for preorder on now.

They ship in June and you have the choice of Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.
Pricing is $7 only, so pretty much affordable.
Follow the links below for the product page:
Twilight Sparkle | Rainbow Dash | Pinkie Pie

Pictures after the break or here on DHN's article.

Rumor: The Nature of Hasbro's New IP May Have Been Leaked

Warning: All of the following information is complete rumor, speculation, and possibly spoilery. It has merely been posted for the sake of discussion, not confirmation. Please proceed at your own risk.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #164

Go away Rainbow. You're blocking my view.
The usual daily dose of art. A bit more than recently for some reason.

Concept art of new Funko vinyls

This artwork from the Funko catalogue popped up. Apparently the ponies shown above will be released as vinyl figurines. Images of physical prototypes haven't been spotted yet, though.
Source is MLP Arena.

Comics: Where is Derpy?/ MLP Season 3 Episode 10/ Let the Games Begin/ Fluttershy: Chop Suey/ PONIES!!! - 31/ FiM: TNtMD

Some fine new comics today.
Also, there's an ongoing series that we apparently haven't shown yet. Thanks to Ricardo for sending it in.

Some clear pictures of the new toys

DHN got some new pictures of the ponies shown at Toy Fair. Among them, there's also a clear picture of that supposedly new mysterious pony you've seen yesterday. Yeah, the orange brushable one.
Hit their article here for some commentary and have a look at the source here.
Also, there are some pictures after the break.