Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nightly Megathread #166

Joseph Houser: Hey, FPLOON... I got a few links to put in tonight's backup Nightly... *looks around* FPLOON?
*FPLOON is nowhere in sight*
Joseph Houser: *sees Hyper* Hyper?
Hyperdudeman: *flinches* I'm not ready to fight you yet! *blinks* Oh... Sorry... What?
Joseph Houser: Have you seen FPLOON?
Hyperdudeman: Yeah... I was about to join him later... He said something about Toonami showing Evangelion 1.11...
Joseph Houser: I see... Then, I just have to do this myself... *flash-steps past the break*
Hyperdudeman: *feels the power Joseph Houser left behind and shivers* Not yet... but, soon... You can count on it...

Game: Iron Pony Table Tennis

This is ridiculously addicting and love it -Alamarus
UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A START... did nothing... -Radiogenicpony
Get to 100 points to see what happens -DarkPengi


No, we won't stop making music posts. For now...
Also, we have a "Piano Transcription" label? Cool...

Among The Herd Tolerance Metalcore
Blaze Shyness Dubstep
Canapplejack I've Got to Find a Way [Metal Cover] Metal
David Larsen Fiends Instrumental Piano
DJDelta0 Smile Song (The Living Tombstone's Remix) - Piano Transcription Instrumental Piano
ElectroKaplosion Something Fantastic (Feat. Chi-chi) {Discord & Fluttershy Duet} Vocal Electronic
Pencil Eraser Never Going Back Vocal Acoustic

Vinyl's beat detection aka Party Harder

Here, have something to play around with.
~futzi01 made a test for detecting beats in flash. The result is actually entertaining on its own

Click the image or party hard after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #197

Finally a properly crowded Artsy again... I have no idea what happened, but people are spamming content today.

Find a lot of stuff after the break.
Also, happy ponies are rare.

Animation: Dan Vs FiM: "At The Park"

Guess I should've checked all the mail first.
There's also a "new" Dan Vs FiM. "New" because it's apparently half a year old but was only now finished.
But it's still new to us.

Uh... Click the image or watch it after the break.

Animation: Vinyl's Wub Club

That's what she said.
Have a neat little animation of Vinyl partying hard.

Click the image or look past the break for it.