Monday, January 7, 2013

Nightly Megathread #99

Tonight's NM is brought to you by the letter C... If you guess what C is correctly, you get a cookie...


A new game has popped, up play against your friends or just against a computer |animation after the break due to audio|

Comics: Tales from Ponyville / MLP: Parole Hearing / Teach You To Read / Sneaking

More comics after the break!  (also thanks to SleepToFade for these comics, as well as all the art in the experimental artsy)
What a day! 
...But I'm tired from programming and have not much else to say.
I'll wrap this up quick.

The First Change

As I mentioned a while ago, changes to this blog were coming. This is the first of those changes/experiments.

Anyways, I decided to learn Java today, and then I decided that while I was at it I would make something useful. So I made a program that takes a list of URLs in a very specific order and turns them into HTML code that we can make Artsy posts out of. With a few minor caveats, we can now make artsy posts at a blinding pace.

And the best part? You can too, even if you aren't a mod. If you decide you want to make an artsy post for the blog, or make sure a bunch of new art you've found gets in the artsy, you can plug the URLs corresponding to that art into this program and submit HTML that we can have up on the blog in minutes, instead of hours.

I have an executable java file for anyone who just wants the functionality of the program, and I also have a the raw java code and a readme file, and a folder set up for use in Eclipse for Java EE. You may also need a sufficiently updated Java Runtime Environment for this program, as well as Eclipse, and if you're willing to play around a little, you should also be able to get the raw java code below to run on Eclipse.

Artsy #117 (Experimental)

In the past an Artsy like this could have taken two hours to make with just the tools blogger has available (accounting for distractions and things). This one took less than half an hour, and with the thing I have programmed,  future ones could be made even faster (not that we'd make them this long on a regular basis... 0_0 I'm just demonstrating the efficiency this new program can have compared to our previous method, when  properly used). There are a few bugs to iron out here and there (with picture distortions, and a couple other things you might not notice at first), but I will make a post describing the program, as well as how and why you should use it too, after I've finished this artsy. (Art after the break)

Twilightlcious... Now Starring Humans

Thought the -licious fad was finally dead? WRONG! Check out the human version after the break, which I might add has some oven more impressive animation quality than the original.

Customs Spotlight: Fandom Tandom and Catherine Szaulis

Do you want to look as sexy fabulous as Rarity? Of course you do! Check out FandomTandom's section on a site called Etsy. She's got tons of cool merch for you guys to look spectacular in. Find some out of her specially picked out products below the break.

Comics: Shocking Surprise / Party Hard / PONIES!!! - 26 / Not Quite Clop / Aim For Perfection 2

Looking For Adventure by ~DeadParrot22

What is this? Scootaloo has spotted a comic post! Check it out after the break.

Random Videos: A new Problem (SFM)/ Haven't Met You Yet (PMV)

How about we start the day with some random videos, hm? We have a Source Filmmaker video with a 3 way love triangle (square? And I thought I had it bad) and a PMV thatyou shouldn't watch "if you don't like crack pairings." See them after the break.