Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nightly Megathread #3

"I'm must be Spike, because my swag ain't turned off..."

You see that? That doesn't even begin to express how much we like your support. Legends? Random? Pioneers? Okay, that last one probably wasn't said, but don't forget... This is only the beginning... And you are witnessing it... Everybody gets free hipster shades!!!!

...After this break right here...

Blog6+1 Discussion overview.

Serious business guys. Right, AJ? Everything is after the break

Trig Rant #1 - What Does She Have to Do With Anything?

A relationship that deserves to be explored.
Another Side by CaineScroll

An in-depth look at Daring Do, the mare of adventure, the hero of a seemingly simple storybook, crafted out of the ingenious mind of an unknown pony author. The profound elements of her design are often over looked by viewers. Her badassery is clearly evident, but I thought it necessary to compile that into an editorial post anyway.

Head on past the break to read about how this pony's adventures, personality, and even her design contribute to the rich storytelling of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

You remember her from Read it and Weep, right? You don't? For shame... give this text a click to refresh your memory.

Welcome back. Now let's get started...


TheDanielsaur posted more techno polka. Here's the new one, recap after the break

Great to be Different Community Video

A while ago PutTrustInFaith said he was making a community video based on his song 'Great to be Different', video is now complete and it is here. EQM first source.

Blog6+1 Discussion

Allright, guys.  It's time to talk organization.  Who's gonna do what, schedules, and other such details.  No description is needed, just get in there and start deliberating.  After the break.

Music: Pinkemena's Haunted Hall

Yes. Pinkemena approves.

So here we got some more KingSpartaX37/Delta Brony right here. It's another one of his DK x  MLP songs. Enter Pinkemena's lair, that is unless you're chicken... (no Scootaloo Jokes here)

Megathread: I need pictures! Pictures of Spider- Fluff!

Alright, I'm in the mood for some fluffy ponies so we are gonna discuss fluffeh pones.
What's your thoughts on them? Would you like to see a fluffy filled episode in season 3? Is Swatteam secretly a fluffy pony in real life? Who knows! Just talk about Fluffay ponays!

Straight From Canterlot Gardens

Everfree radio has been posting Canterlot Gardens content. (find it after the break).


His username is so fitting it is almost ironic...

Confused on what this site is about like this guy? Well, weep no more! We now have an "about EqD2" tab to clear up anything that confuses you. If there is anything that you think I missed, leave a comment below.

Music: Tons of it

Celestia's Last Stand(Orchestral)/Breaking Bonds/War of Equestria/ Rainbow (Koroshi-Ya cover)/ Pinkie's Singing Telegram (PhonyBrony Remix)/Twilight Venture IV/ Skyline cheered me up (in ten minutes flat)/ Evening at Sweet Apple Acres/ F3nning Befriends The Living Tombstone - Atomizer (ROTB Remix)

The mane 6 as changelings, because everything is cuter with little fangs.

Got a ton of music today! Some orchestrals, remixes, vocals, ect.
Go on and listen to some music after the break.

Megathread: Talk Only In Pony Links

*How this megathread should end up as*

Okay, so this is how this megathread is going to go down (via Copypaste):

1. You can use any Kyrospawn video or the shorter EpicGteGuy videos, or any such videos from smaller channels that you find if neither of them posted it.
2. If absolutely nobody has uploaded the line you want, go to one of the episodes (preferably by SecretPoniesHD, because his are the best quality) and copy the URL at the current time for where you want it.
3. Only Friendship is Magic clips are allowed. Friendship is Witchcraft or any other pony-related videos that aren't ripped straight from the show are banned.

You know the drill... Thank you Egghead Dash for the megathread suggestion...

(Side-note: You may not get banned, per se, but you cannot comment back into whichever megathread thread you were currently in, though... KEEP THAT IN MIND!!!)

Mega PMV Post: Pinkie Pie Style

Pinkie themed PMV's? Pinkie themed PMV's. Go past that pesky page break to see the greatest thing to have ever graced thine eyes!
(That second one speaks to me BTW)

Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon #2

We have another clip from the Hotdiggedydemon panel at the recent conventions. Enjoy!

Epic Rap Battles of History PMV's

How do you have a rap battle over tomatoes?

We've got Twilight Sparkle(Albert Einstein) VS R-DASH 5000(Steven Hawking), Pinkie is the Easter Bunny in one so you can't get better than that, and that last one made me laugh a certain part of my body off... don't ask what it was.

Jerry Springer interview on bronies

Jerry Springer has recently interviewed two bronies on his show. Needless to say, it is...interesting.
Find a few clips of the interview in the video below.

Batman Hates Bronies

*Warning! Offensive language and material may be present in upcoming video.* Batman can be harsh, and apparently that constitutes for not liking bronies. That is all. As always, watch after the break to see the dark knight in action.                        



Have some more. It has ponies. Check after the break.

Swatteam's Youtube Poop Collection #1

Good morning everyone! It's me Swatteam doing his part to start off your morning with some randomness!
"Why would you do this too us!?" I hear you asking!? Because it's high past time we got more randomness(Of course I always say that though), so let's start your day off right!

"Time to read! SPIKE! GET OVER HERE!"
 G'morning Twi! How you stay up all night and still wake up like that is beyond me.

Always watching no eyes

Silly Slenderman, you can't scare the great Pinkie.

                         Slenderman will 'Imaginary Horse Ride' into your house while your sleeping.
                                                                                                It may already be too late...

Mike Mozart references ponies

So apparently Mike Mozart (Not related to the musician) of Jeepers Media has referenced ponies in a Livestream. But Pinkie and me are too tired to go through it and highlight the parts with pony right now so we'll get to it later.

Derpy Style

Derp. Simple, elegant derp. Now add Gangam Style to that, and you get:



Won't you join the mane 6 in dancing to this epic music?

I felt like I needed more Clash and Catgroove music before I went to sleep, so using my smarty smartz brain I looked around... BUT I NEVER  EXPECTED TO FIND THE GREATEST THING EVER! (Next to Pinkie) Here we have BOTH songs mashed together!

Nightly Megathread #2

Discord is pleased at the number of pageviews this site has been accumilating... I can feel Vegeta wanting to say that infamous line... again...

Anyway, have at thee!