Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nightly Megathread #82

Okay... There are three things that are true about this NM...

1. You will learn something (if you choose to watch it...)
2. There will be cupcakes... (No reference intended...)
3. The haiku is a lie... (but, then again... This one may also be false...)

Page break? "Read more"? You clicked it anyway...

The Hub Offers a New Year Marathon

Alright, then everyone!  The holidays may be upon us, but with them also comes a lot of free time.  And if you're reading this sentence, I have a good idea of how you like to spend it.  So, why not partake in a pony marathon taking place Jan 1 on the Hub?  Usher in the New Year with... what you've spent your previous year on.  Just click here if you're interested.

The Round Stable Interviews Cindy Morrow

Just... go with it...

Cindy Morrow, the writer of such episodes as "Griffon the Brush-off", "Read It and Weep", and "One Bad Apple", was interviewed by the guys over at The Round Stable. They ask her about the show, her writing career, and even ask her some questions from their forum... It's totally worth checking out right here!

Mixed Media : 21-12-12 / Equestria Inquirer #50 / MLP Friendship Is Violent / Spike names his song after Rarity / UFP 16 / SFM ponies


Have some mixed media. We got some pony dooms day vids, Equestria Inquirer #50, A Family guy pony pardoy, a violent montage of pony, another episode of UFP, and a really short SFM of Lyra. Watch em after the break!

Brony kid raps fast [typography animation] / Alligator Sky

   Good typography animations aren't made often enough. Luckily, a recent one has popped up featuring the fast rapping brony kid. We also got another typography animation oddly named "Alligator Sky" Watch em' both after the break!

Comics: Do Not Cross / A Little Horse / Impending Failure / Screen Time / A Lyra Christmas /

When your tongue is synced that well with your pupil dilation, you can offiicially state your body language level is at Pinkie Pie. And now that finals are over, I can finally post again! Well, post without feeling like I'm about to fail all my classes. Comics after the break so I can let the lack of stress soak in.

Into the Spotlight - Episode 8: Cat Whitney and Raven Molisee

  Into the Spotlight 12-19-12 OsakaJack talks with artist Cat Whitney and MLP Senior storyboard artist Raven Molisee about art projects, the fandom, animation in general, and very silly topics. more info after the break.

Episode 8 One Minute Teaser

New episode 8 teaser from the Hub's youtube! Woohoo! After the break guys!

Spoiler! Apple Family Reunion pic from MLP Facebook.

The MLP Facebook page has just tossed up a pic for the new AJ episode this Saturday. Go past the break to see it!

PMV: 'The Last Episodes' / Luna Sings Be Prepared / Discord Sings Be Prepared / Perfect

If the writers fit all of that in to the last episodes than "dip me in detergent"! Some of you won't know what that's off of but you can find out what I'm talking about by watching that trailer down there!

There's also some Be Prepared and FlutterDash ship PMV's!

1.) 2012 - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 'The Last Episodes' Season 3 Trailer
2.) MLD: Luna Sings Be Prepared
3.) MLD: Discord Sings Be Prepared
4.) Perfect [Flutterdash PMV]

Spike at Your Service and Apple Family Reunion sticker at GetGlue

  Even thought Apple Family Reunion is the next new episode to air, GetGlue has decided to release the Spike at your Service sticker too What is this madness!?!? If you want to see it, go past the break.

UPDATE!!! And Apple Family Reunion Sticker!
Below the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #96

Ah yes, it's that time of year again... Spending time with family, having feasts, and asking Santa for lots of ponies. I love December. Loads of holiday ponies in this Artsy.

Music: Escape From The City / Zebra the Bloom / The Ancient Hall / Sweet Dreams

Really a Vinyl Scratch header is the only way to go with these (But mostly because there isn't many DJPink images being made (Swatteam sad!)

We've got a cover of a Sonic Adventure 2 song (Video image gives it that pony relevance obviously...), smooth Applebloom jazz, epic adventure orchestral, and Luna techno!

1.) Escape From The City (4000 Subscriber Special) - dBPony
2.) Zebra the Bloom
3.) The Ancient Hall - Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic
4.) Sub.Sound - Sweet Dreams

My Little Pony Gameloft Game Update for IOS

  I know most of you don't care anymore for this game. I wasn't originally going to post about it, but then I thought, "Meh, why not?". Anyway, the game has gotten a recent update today. The update adds a winter theme to your Ponyville, plus it adds new ponies and items. The update is not available for the Android platform yet.  Below is a list of things included in the update. 

Meet New Ponies: Make friends with Pipsqueak, Teacher’s Pet, and Bowling Pony.

New Buildings: Get Cozy in the Log Cabin, and treat yourself at the Ice Cream Shop!

New Decorations: Add a merry touch to Ponyville with five seasonal items

Snow everwhere: See your buildings and all of Ponyville covered in white. After all, 

what’s winter without snow?

Holiday Quests: Enjoy 10 special holiday missions full of joyful adventures!

Bug fixes and system optimizations.

Comics : The Holiday Adventures of Doctor Whooves / Saved by the Doc / Excessive Coverage / Muffin Catcher

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got an animated comic of Derpy and the Doctor, Twi going 88 miles an hour, comic covers, and Derpy cannon. Read em' after the break!

Satisfaction [PonyDub]

You know that extremely well made YTPMV that comes along once every month or so? Well, here it is. It is appropriately name "Satisfaction", because I was sure satisfied after watching it. If you are just waking up, I suggest watching this. It will pump you up for the rest of the day. Watch it after the break!