Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nightly Megathread #67

The nightly cometh. |and it waits for thou below the break where thou doth not have to speaketh as this|

TV.COM Best Animated Series of 2012 voting

Dr. Who beat us last time, but maybe we can redeem ourselves in the voting for best animated series for 2012. TV.COM has opened their polls for this years best of 2012. I'm sure we can win this time. Go here to cast your vote.

Comic : pokemans pink: the end

It looks like Pinky's pokemon journey has finally come to an end. Maybe this is actually the start of a new journey. Anyways, see the conclusion of the greatest pony pokemon trainer here.

Music: "Gone (Learned To Fly)" / Lullaby for a Princess / A Long Way From Equestria Cover

And then everyone ate their hats... it was tastier than I was expecting. I can see why Trixie does it.
Some flying Scootaloo music, a remix of "Lullaby For a Princess", and a cover of "A Long Way From Equestria". Check it!

1.) "Gone (Learned To Fly)" - HeyLasFas! [Alternative Rock]
2.) Lullaby for a Princess (Resonantwaves Ambient Remix) 600 Subscriber Special
3.) A Long Way From Equestria Cover

Comics: Hearths Warming Eve / Celesti-O's / Mystery solved / present time

Sneak peek by ~PartTimeBrony

Fluttershy's mane looks like yogurt. Slurp. I like that word, slurp. This conversation (with yourself) isn't really going anywhere... speaking of "soon... I mean if that's alright with you" Fluttershy, comics! After! The break!

Attack of the Show reviews MLP Season 1 DVD

 It seems like there are already reviews for the newly released MLP season 1 DVD. The review was done on G4's "Attack of the Show". Film expert Chris Gore and Candace Bailey are the ones to take a crack at the pony DVD. Be warned, some content not about the pony review may be mature. The review for the MLP DVD starts at 3:55, for those who just want to see the review for the MLP DVD. Watch it here or after the break.

Artsy #77

This picture is quite relevant and well-done, so I think I'll put it at the top today. Also red lightning is a thing that exists, for those who are learning-inclined this morning.

...Aside from upper-atmospheric lightning, I bet if you had lightning traveling through the right gas it would glow red... perhaps one of the noble gasses... But enough of that: art after the break:

Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle

Have a nice little animation from the makers of Double Rainboom. I couldn't make sense of it, but the animation was amazing. Watch it here or after the break.

My Little Bloopers: Mistakes are FOREVER! Vol.11

It's been a very long time since we had the next installment of "My Little Bloopers", but it is finally here. Catch all the mistakes and glitches of the recent episodes after the break.

New shirts at We Love Fine

It looks like We Love Fine has updated their ever growing collection of shirts. They have added some Alicorn Amulets, "with or without Trixie", the REAL Apple family, some Vinyl and Tavi, an awesome Luna shirt, and finally a CMC hoodie. Hit up their pony section to check em' out.