Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nightly Megathread #91

MLP Portrait Series - Spike by *sophiecabra

Shine bright like a diamond... we still need to post that PMV. Now who wants to stay up all night and practice flash with me? No one? k.

Hot Topic Pits Fandoms Against Each Other: Entertainment Ensues

Hot Topic has started up a discussion on their facebook page, with the simple question "Best TV Show of 2012?" The photo that goes with the post (included above) is made of pics related to Dr Who, The Walking Dead, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Adventure Time; presumably but not neccesarily to prompt a response from those fans. So why not oblige? As they say on EqD, CHAAARGE!

Brony Thank You Fund Doing Well

The Brony Thank You Fund is still alive and kicking; it has maintained a good ratio of donations to operating costs. Discord's Domain wishes them luck in the coming year! You can get a general overview of their endeavors in the article on The Round Stable, or see a detailed report on the Brony Thank You Fund website

Robotbob Approves


Discussion: Ponified Media

Today we have a simple little activity for folks to partake in: think of a some form of media, be it a book, TV show, song or movie, and switch out the characters, lyrics, themes, etc, with those of MLP:FiM. Some good examples after the break. Be sure to join us in the comments!

Comics: 12 Books / Pike and Airity / Sweet Apple Fritters / Moostasche

Evil Twilight approacheth. But before one goes evil, they must go insane twice. And when the clock strikes twelve the world will turn to ashes... and comics will begin appearing below the break.

Saturday MLP Facts With Meghan

Looks like our CGI Timberwolves almost didn't make the cut. And a Pantheon? Well, check out this wiki page, I guess. I mean, mystical creatures aren't exactly set in stone by nature, so it's not like something can really be unreliable, perse. More pictures of this Pantheon creature below!

Spike at Your Service Episode Follow Up

It's that time again. Past the break, you will find plenty of screen caps and things you may have not noticed. If you haven't seen the episode, stay clear of this post. Enjoy!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #105


Now this... THIS is more like it! This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! 

PMV: This one's for you, Kiki / Prayer of the Refugees / Pinkie's Two Brothers

PMV is an odd medium - somewhat of a visual and auditory remix. At least it's not as strange as Youtubepoop. Anyways there are three for you all this morning, after the break:

  1. [PMV] Pinkie's Two Brothers
  2. [PMV] Prayer of the Refugee
  3. This one's for you, Kiki. [PMV]

Animation : merry christmas granny smith.

I'm not sure what I should be concerned about. The fact that Christmas was a while ago, or the weird stuff happening in this animation. Kinda reminds me of the .Mov series. Anyway, go and watch it after the break.