Friday, February 1, 2013

Nightly Megathread #124

So... I realized that I have the current collection of these pictures to use as headers and (after a game of roulette) this was the next one on the list... Interesting considering who's NM this was suppose to be...

Random Post


Well... Apparently it's a slow day. Not like I'm complaining or something. Not like I hadn't a life outside of this blog. No, wait...

Regardless, here's some random stuff for you. A Sonic Derpboom, Nyanlight Sparkle, a compilation of parodies in "Apple Family Reunion"... Whatever funny things there are.
Plus, there's an even more futile discussion at the bottom that refers to the Derpboom.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #155

Either the artists were extraordinarily active or it's just that more art survived my filter today.
I see no pattern. Either way, a whole lot of art awaiting you. There's like... a hundred of them drawings. If you're prepared, take a look. You won't be disappointed. And if you are... Well, I'm always open for critique or, to a certain degree, requests.

Continue after the break.

Japanese FiM Fan Dub

Hmm... I wonder how this will compare to the official Japanese episodes...
That is all.

Morning Mega Music Post

A bunch of songs from our musical fellows. Here's a neat list in ascending alphabetical order.

GatoPaint -- Not Letting Go (Singing) -- Vocal Cover of PrinceWhateverer's original song
Mush -- Contradiction -- Synthpop
PercipientFish -- Twilight -- Acoustic Piano
PercipientFish -- Celestia -- Acoustic Piano
Radiarc -- The Edge -- Orchestral
SilverPoyozo -- The Dreamwalker -- Ambient Jazz
Sim Gretina -- Small Wings (Mush Remix) -- Synthpop
Sim Gretina -- Where Rich Ponies Go (Error404 Remix) -- Progressive House
Sonic Breakbeat -- Exile -- House
WahPony -- When Home Calls (Rock Cover) -- Instrumental Cover of Joaftheloaf's original song

Embeds located after the break.