Friday, January 25, 2013

Nightly Megathread #117

Joseph Houser: Ready?
FPLOON: Do it...
Joseph Houser: *begins running program*

(Stage one of distraction complete...)

Comics: Ka-Blewie Mark Crusaders!/ Reform Chrysalis/ Bring on the Rain/ Was it something I said??

Some late evening comics for you. And partially very hilarious ones. If I decided to laugh, I'd still do it.
Find comics after the break. You won't regret it.

Vocal Music

Music contained in this post:
An acoustic piece by Dylan Smith, an acoustic song by crazyoatmeal3, some heavy rock by Equestria Dude, Hip Hop by Aoshi and another acoustic song by Joaftheloaf ft. Feather.

Find stuff after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #146

Due to popular demand, the old title of these posts is back. And with popular demand, I mean that FPLOON and Swat mentioned it incidentally.
Also, you might have noticed that the Artsy is a little late. My fault. Scold me in the comments.

Enjoy some art in the evening after the break

MLP official comic preview!

(Irrelevant header to avoid spoilers)

You can now see a preview of the 4th edition to the MLP comic series on iTunes! The full thing is expected to be released on March 6 and will contain 27 pages. Don't care for spoilers? Then see the released pages here or after the break.

Thanks to the Round Stable for the heads up!

Mega (Instrumental) Music Maddness

All of which makes me anxious
At times unbearably so

Welcome to another Mega Music Maddness! This time, we are dedicating this post to just the instrumental music... So, we thank you (in order of this post's song list) BronieXError404Lectro Dub (for the remix of this), MetaponyViFFeX (featuring DanielPony), MLP MittensLegendary, TeiThePony, and Delta Brony (KingSpartaX37) for the instrumental music we will be listening to in this post...

Now, it's you cue to listen and thank them after the break...

PMV: Discord Unchained/ When I'm Pinkie Pie/ Snails/ Fear of Flight/ Harder to Breathe for Fluttershy

Mike-style comedy brought to you by the "Mike Institute of SCIENCE" (MIS)!
Take this PMV post as your ticket to... uh... the "Triple-G", yo!

We got some Django from Fraptr6, a "When I'm" PMV for Swat from Girl14302910, an interesting simple PMV from ObbsessiveBookworm, an Aviators PMV from gettothechoppa32, and a Fluttershy PMV from MuffinLovnPrductions...

1. Discord Unchained
2. [PMV] When I'm Pinkie Pie
3. Snails (PMV)
4. Fear of Flight (PMV)
5. Harder to Breathe for Fluttershy [PMV]

ANIMATE! Miami panels

ANIMATE! had some panels  for some of the MLP voice actors! We got some Michelle Creber and Nicole Oliver after the break!

(A third similar thing added my MikeNanotube)

"Just For Sidekicks" sticker on GetGlue

It's that time of week. A new episode, a new sticker. Get yours here. I wonder if I should have been collecting these...

EW Clip and Article: Just For Sidekicks

Entertainment weekly now has their article for Saturday's episode up! Check out the clip above and the article here!

Extendy bendy synopsis for Games Ponies Play

An even bigger version of the original synopsis for "Games Ponies Play" appeared on AT&T U-Verse! And women were all saying the synopsis was small...

Bronies For Good Charity Livestream

Bronies For Good has sent out a 'Press release' about an upcoming charity livestream they will be doing. It will feature Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, M. A. Larson, Anelli Heed, and lots of well-known fan artists. Check out the copypasta after the break.