Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nightly Megathread #75

You know, it would be an interesting episode where both Scootaloo and Luna (with Rainbow Dash accompanying them) utilize inception to go deep into Scoot's dreams, which leads them to finding out the reason why Scoot's can't fly within her potential at this time... Although, I'm pretty sure there's a fanfic of that being written right now, anyway...

Now... "We must go deeper [into the NM]..."

The Round Stable Reminds us all Why it's Awesome

In response to the end of MLP Online, The Round Stable has produced a very informative and well-articulated exploration of copyright laws which I highly recommend to anyone who produces fan content but has questions about where that content might fit in to today's legal jungle. Check it out here!

If I may highlight one point they make:

"WeLoveFine is an example of a successful collaboration between Hasbro and its fans with respect to exercising Hasbro’s copyrights."

I can't agree more with the above. If you ever wish to set up some business related to MLP:FiM. there's so much you can learn from Welovefine. I once envisioned a symbiotic relationship between Hasbro and the MLP:FiM fans, and subsequently WeLoveFine came around and proved that such a thing was possible. Armed with the knowledge provided by this article, I'm sure many of the rest of us will now be able to follow in their footsteps.

...Perhaps I should start pursuing a Q&A with some of the Welovefine staff again, in lieu of this...
...Also how am I even awake to post this? ... Inb4 "ponies" and then "aliens"

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #89


Robotbob: FPLOON, why are you doing the Artsy?
FPLOON: Because Derpy told me I could...
Robotbob: WHAT??? *begins to hide*
FPLOON: Oh look! A Vinyl header!!
Robotbob: *looks at header* Ooooooo~

Distraction complete... More art after the "read more" sign...

Arrows Are Magic Vol. 1: + So Many Wonders (Everything Remix)

Another pack of brony songs have been released for Stepmania. I am not really into these sort of games, but I know it is a big hit with a lot of people.  You will need a program to run it.  Simply follow the instructions in the included readme. Go here to download the latest volume of songs. GO past the break for the complete listing of all the songs in the pack.

PMV: Friendship is Awful / Dragonshy -- Theatrical Trailer / Party of One -- Theatrical Trailer / Show Me Everything You've Got / Canterlot Wedding -- Theatrical Trailer / I Just Can't Wait to be King

Wait hold on, whatever I did I can fix... *big grin*
Some smexy PMV's today, I got some epic voice manipulation stuff (that sentence doesn't do it justice), a trailer of Dragonshy, Party of One trailer (Inb4 movie takes predictable horror route...), Canterlot Wedding trailer (It should have been a movie!),PMV of Show Me Everything You Got, and a My Little Disney ...'nuff said.

1.) PMV - Friendship is Awful
2.) Dragonshy -- Theatrical Trailer (FC)
3.) Party of One -- Theatrical Trailer (FC)
4.) Show Me Everything You've Got (PMV)
5.) Canterlot Wedding -- Theatrical Trailer
6.)  My Little Disney: I Just Can't Wait to be King

MLP Comic Sales Data – November 2012

It's already pretty obvious that the MLP comic is pretty awesome for how well it is selling. But let's put a number on the awesomeness. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #1 ranked 15th overall among the top 300 comics for November 2012. The MLP comic, which was one out of 29 comics for IDW,  accounted for almost  22% of IDW’s sales for November 2012. Even though this is was the first comic for the series, considering most #1 issues see the best, this is still pretty awesome. All the facts and figures can be found here.  Thank you Ponyville Gazette for the heads up! 

Animation : MLP:FiM "Journey of the Spark" title sequence / Sonic Timeboom looking for help

Have an animation for what you would think would be the opening to MLP: The Movie. It looks very good and crisp. And as an added bonus, the makers of Sonic Timeboom need some help on their latest project and are looking for volunteers. Watch em' both after the break.

Music: The Crystal Heart / Pinkie's Cocainum / Rarity Goes Metal / Special Somepony ft. Moopy

Have some Crystal Heart chamber ambience music, A SONG FOR COCAINUM!, a metal cover for popular marshmallow ponies, and after all of that you get a song "for your very special somepony~!"

1.) Legends Box - The Crystal Heart
2.) Blaze - Pinkie's Cocainum
3.) Rarity Goes Metal - Becoming Popular (Metal Cover by DusK)
4.) Special Somepony ft. Moopy

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #88


"FPLOON doing an ENTIRE Artsy??" That explains the KH-esque stained glass window and Rainbow Dash on it...

I have some artz for youz to check out downz below...

MrPoniator's Cease on Animations

It seems the animations from MrPoniator we always wait for after a new episode of MLP will come to an end. MrPoniator has recently released a statement on his tumbler, stating that he will not be making anymore animations. He is doing this so that he can work on his true goal, to work on programming. The way it sounds it that he wont be making anymore animations at all, but we can still hope he will come back eventually to make maybe one more now and then. After the break, you can find everyone of his animations. Kind of like a farewell to animation post. We will miss your awesome work, MrPoniator.

Apple Sprout & Princess Skyla Spotted at Meijers

Since the fandom is so large, I am sure a few people are going to want these. The Princess Skyla has been spotted  before, but the Apple Sprout is a newbie. Both are So Soft Newborn ponies, with a molded head and a soft body. They’re the baby doll of ponies. They contain a voice box and an accessory or two for imaginative play. Both have been spotted at Mid-west store Meijer, a store chain found in the mid-west. The location for these stores can be found here. Thank you DHN for the heads up!

Comics : MLP: Ponyception / Beauty isn't magic / Sister Act / Do Not Disturb / Pony Rumors / The Hardest Thing to Say

Looks like someone needs her beauty sleep. Speaking of sleep, hope you guys are rested up. Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got sneaky Luna, beauty sleep, a twist, armageddon, a silly rumor, and a story with Scoot and RD. Read em' after the break!