Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Round Stable Reminds us all Why it's Awesome

In response to the end of MLP Online, The Round Stable has produced a very informative and well-articulated exploration of copyright laws which I highly recommend to anyone who produces fan content but has questions about where that content might fit in to today's legal jungle. Check it out here!

If I may highlight one point they make:

"WeLoveFine is an example of a successful collaboration between Hasbro and its fans with respect to exercising Hasbro’s copyrights."

I can't agree more with the above. If you ever wish to set up some business related to MLP:FiM. there's so much you can learn from Welovefine. I once envisioned a symbiotic relationship between Hasbro and the MLP:FiM fans, and subsequently WeLoveFine came around and proved that such a thing was possible. Armed with the knowledge provided by this article, I'm sure many of the rest of us will now be able to follow in their footsteps.

...Perhaps I should start pursuing a Q&A with some of the Welovefine staff again, in lieu of this...
...Also how am I even awake to post this? ... Inb4 "ponies" and then "aliens"