Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nightly Megathread # 32

Happy Nightmare Night! by *asluc96
I was working all day, with no break or way to do the Nightly, so I wasn't prepared for this. |view it after the break|

Monthly Roundup: October

"I know what I did last Nightmare Night..."

Well, another month has passed (basically) and I've found some videos that were overlooked in October. Why? There are many reasons why, but they aren't that important right now... (*mumbles* Google... *mumbles*)

So, after the break, check out these different videos... or just spend the rest of this post looking at my feedback comments on these videos, all located after the break... (I vote for the first one, personally...)

Hub Releases Pilot Pony Episodes

Friendship is Ponies!!
My Little Pony by ~Corina93

Now be honest here, how many of you have never legally watched an episode of Friendship is Magic? No Hub network or don't want to give Apple your money? Do you feel guilty for your crimes? Probably not, but there's still a chance for your civil redemption: Hub has released the pilot episodes on their website. Go check them out here, even though you've probably seen them ten or many more times.

Into the Spotlight - Episode 1: Sophie Cabra

Rainbow Dash by SophieCabra
Brony artist Spain Fischer (aka SophieCabra) was interviewed in the first ever episode of "Into the Spotlight" with OsakaJack. Click here or check it out after the break...

Mega Music Post #13

Applejack is not amused with this post, but that's okay because background ponies don't have a say in much. So enjoy the music!
(Don't kill me, Applejack fans!)

1.) The Spirit of Nightmare Night - KFrohman
2.) Macarou - Into The Hive
3.) Chill
4.) Let This Be The End (FIReNVY Remix) [WIP]
5.) Pinkie Pie - Chimmy Cherry Changa (174UDSI Remix)
6.) Sonic Breakbeat - Show Off
7.) Past Sins: Treachery
8.) Resonantwaves - Ponyville's Catacombs
9.) Happy Halloween! #1: My Little Colt- Alice Human Sacrifice

Miniature Discussion post #12

Not bad for a chicken *Radiogenic explodes*

Folks, prepare for discussionception!

So now that the format of discussion posts has been established and given form, what do you think of it? Are there other formats that could be more thought-provoking or organized? Perhaps separate questions could be in bulleted lists, stuff could be color coded, or the discussion posts could be done in conjunction with the polls? (...maybe that second suggestion could be left for Rainbow Dash day) In general, what formats for discussions would you find most engaging?

And of course, on a similar note, what discussion topics would you like to see?

Music: Lullaby for a Princess / Lunar Harvest / A Nightmare to Remember

Oh no! Pinkie's not suppose to be fed candy after midnight!

Halloween, Nightmare Night, it doesn't matter! Just wear costumes and eat other peoples food!
Music to listen to while your attacking your neighbor like a wild animal.

1.) Lullaby for a Princess - Cover by MEMJ
2.) [Halloween Special Metal] Cyril the Wolf - Lunar Harvest
3.) Radiarc - A Nightmare to Remember (1k sub special)

Top Ten Brony Songs of October (Voting)

DJs? by *KristySK

Are you guys ready to fight over best music as much as these two ponies do? Well, I guess you don't have to do that. But if you have some personal standouts from the month of October you'd like to promote, check out the voting video past the earthquake break.

Halloween Teaser

Have a teaser for the next upcoming animation by BronyDanceParty. It looks like he has improved on his animation.


Ready for wallpapers? good cuz I got over 100 of them, I guarantee you'll find something you like. extra credit or a prize for whoever comments on all of them. |get mobbed after the break|

Artsy Wartsy Stuff #26

I tried my hand at art once. After countless hours in MS paint, assembling parts of George Moromisato's artwork, screencaps from the show, and a wallpaper I found here, this was the result. I'd say it's not too shabby. Kudos to anyone who gets the Transcendence reference. Rainbow Dash is best Ares plasma archcannon beam! Art after the break. (a bit spoiler-y further down)

Comic post #26 : Chicky Situation / Derpy Hooves - Costume Process / Cupcakes halloween :3 Gift from Blackpawed! / Quickie: Hallowe'en at Hatbulb Productions

We got some more comics for you. Ponies and chickens, Derpy and muffins, and more! Read em' after the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #25

I think mad scientist Twi fits the Nightmare Night theme. Also, major spoilers starting at #23 till the end!
If you don't want to see them, stop at #23. Enjoy some art after the break!

My Little Pony game - Official Teaser Trailer - iOS/Android

Gameloft has just released their very first teaser trailer for the upcoming mobile MLP game. watch it after the break!

PMV : On My Way / Nighttime Queen / Sleeping Sun

Good morning everyone. We got some PMVs to start your day. I really like #1, probably because Brother Bear was the last animated movie I ever saw in theaters. Good times...Anyway, Go and watch em after the break.

1.) PMV - On My Way (Brother Bear OST)
2.) Flaedr - Nighttime Queen
3.) PMV - Sleeping Sun

Top 10 Pony Video Voting for October (plus prize!)

October is almost over, and as we head into November, it is time again to look through the awesomeness our fandom has made on Youtube. The top ten voting has started, but this time it is different. This time around, you can win a prize! The Prize is a MLP season DVD. The prize is only open to people in the United States and Canada, due to mailing restrictions. Watch both voting vids after the break!