Monday, October 8, 2012

Nightly Megathread #9

Getting dizzy yet? (gif by pupupu6000)

GOOOOOOOOOOD EVENING EQM! Let's get this Megathread started! Pass the break. I dare you.

Comic Post #5: Somepony to Love / My Little Websurfers Part 2 / A Song for Applejack

A wild Vinyl appears.
Vinyl head-banging animation by AleximusPrime

What? Vinyl! This is a comic post, why are you here playing your music? Oh well, I guess you can stay. I do enjoy da musics. Now, on topic, COMICS! A recent earthquake has struck EQM and there are breaks everywhere! Thankfully, they all appeared in the right spot, so jump across this one for comics. 

Equestria Inquirer #40

Equestria Inquirer has just submitted another edition to their off-the-wall, hypothetical pony newspaper. Check out written edition #54 here, or if you prefer to watch your pony newscasts, feel free to head past the break and see their 40th video version below. Hopefully Zecora gets better... and every rapper ever...

Just A Bit Pony

Call it what you want; Just a bit random, just a bit short, or Just a bit catchy. But there's one thing for sure: this video's just a bit something.

Now excuse me while I go watch Harry Potter Puppet Pals to round off my night of random.

Music : Winter Wrap Up / Friendship Power / "When The Bombs Fell" / EverFree Forest

Got even MORE new music today. The first one is a doozy. It's a ten minute piano improvisation of Winter Wrap Up. It's still very soothing. The other one that stands out is "Friendship Power". It's pretty intense.
Watch em after the break. Enjoy!

1.) Winter Wrap Up - The Piano Pony Album
2.) Friendship Power - DJ Aly
3.) "When The Bombs Fell" - Music for Fallout: Equestria
4.) EverFree Forest

Animation: Weeping Belle

Image by Luuandherdraws

Anyone here a fan of Doctor Who? Anyone? Ok...

Anyway we have a short animation here whether you are a fan or not.

Fanfic: Swatteam's Adventures in Ponyville

By:  EggheadDash
[Comedy][Random][Alternate Universe]

The Sun talk ponies

The Sun made an article on us bronies interviewing us and all that stuff.
 Get in there read all the pony goodness! 
By the way it's got a little bit of G1 in there in case your not into that.

Les Mareables

Today, we have something special. We have our first trailer at EQM! But the fact that this is our first trailer isn't what makes it so special. I'm not going to say what it is, but I'll give you a hint: You saw it here first folks!

Video: My Little Regular Show/ This is what happens...

Two videos... two crossovers... Yeah, you might know where this is going... We have Regular Show up first, follow by some Ed, Edd, n' Eddy...

1. My Little Regular Show
2. This is what happens...

PMV/YTPMV : The Virginia Company / I Am the Doctor / Thunderstruck / Don't Count On The Wicked / Mine Ride

Today we have some PMVs and one YTPMV. The first one is from the movie "Pocahontas". The next one is about the awesome Dr. Who! The one after that  is a PMV of one of my favorite songs, Thunderstruck. The fourth one is a PMV of Don't Count On The Wicked. The last one is just some crazy YTPMV, appropriately named "mind ride". Enjoy!

1.) My Little Disney: The Virginia Company
2.) I Am the Doctor (PMV)
3.) PMV: Thunderstruck
4.) [PMV] Don't Count On The Wicked
5.) Mine Ride

Borderlands 2: More pony references!

As many of you may know, Borderlands 2 has released for the PC and game consoles. Some of you may of noticed a similarity between Handsome Jack's Butt Stallion, and a certain generous unicorn. There is also a part in the ending credits where a staff member gives credit to Fluttershy. With a recent add-on to the game, more pony references have popped up, such as 20% cooler, potent as a pony, evil enchantress, Buck up, Discord, the stare, and many others. All these references can be found on the skill tree of the recent character added to the game. The references can be found here on the skill tree website.

Mashup: Gravity Factory/ Dubstep Discorder/ Life as Trixie Knows it/ Everypony's Hurtin' It

Hearts stood still, when we first met.
I thought we'd be together, yet.
You're using me, for your own gain.
And now I never feel the same. (Oppan Gangnam Style!)

What have I done? Well, whatever this is... I'm fine with it, either way... Anyway, mashups are the name of the game here in this post, so... check them out? I don't know...

1. Gravity Factory
2. Dubstep Discorder
3. Life as Trixie Knows It
4. Everypony's Hurtin' It

Music : Pegasi Armada / Intro to Darkness / Into the Wild Yonder / Rocking Rainbow / SHE IS AT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD

We have another stack of music for you to listen to. Mostly instrumentals and the like. Hope you enjoy!
Go ahead and watch em after the break.

1.) Pegasi Armada (ft. Nix Spark)
2.) Radiarc - Intro to Darkness
3.) "Into the Wild Blue Yonder" Instrumental Version
4.) crazyoatmeal3 - Rocking Rainbow

Gameloft on their upcoming pony game.

A few months back, Gameloft announced the making of a new MLP game. Gameloft is known for making the Nova and Modern Combat game series for mobile devices. One can only hope this will turn out well. They have just recently given a teaser on this upcoming pony game. The teaser can be found here on their twitter.

Music: Marching For Freedom / Shy Hard / Hall of Surfspector / Twi-Side

Got Some more music for yah. All of them are good, but the surfin Shining Armor one got me really pumped up! Watch em after the break!

1.) For the new Lunar republic - Marching for freedom
2.) DongleKumquat - Shy Hard
3.) [Neon JalapeƱo + Psychedelic Brony] Hall of Surfspector Drumstep's Shining Armor
4.)Twi-Side (Mr Brightside Pony Parody)

Music : The Real Queen / Dance Some More / Twilight Sparkles Mind Palace / Perilune / Thyrai

Good mid morning everyone! Hope you all slept well. To start off this morning, we have 5 tracks for you to listen to! Watch em after the break. Enjoy!

1.) The Real Queen - Dj Aly
2.) Dance Some More
3.) Twilight Sparkle's Mind Palace - 2/4
4.) "Perilune" Ft. Leafrunner
5.) Thyrai - Rarity

TheMovieBrony's Top Ten Pony Videos of September 2012

The Movie Brony has released his top 10 community voted videos of September over on his Youtube page. I'm glad Sweetie Bot at least got a honorable mention! The community has voted and the list has been made!

Comic Post #4: Destructive Nature / Kindergarten Days 6 / Celestia Always On Duty / Pocket Muffins

23 hours... no sleep... acquire more coffee.
Spike enjoys his Coffee Vector by Kyute-Kitsune

Early morning comics! Or at least for my little piece of the globe (yes, my head canon tells me I own this part of the world). Now if someone could produce a cup of coffee that tasted good, I would maybe get into it. Until then, Coke and Sunkist!... oh yeah, comics. Journey beyond the break to seek them out.

Wildfire's Road Rage

                                                              FEEL THE WRATH OF WILDFIRE!

Applejack's Endless Combo (HD)

                                                        Just RoboJack being awesome.