Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nightly Megathread #101

Welcome to nightly 101. Please, turn in your text books to page 97. |turn the page now|

JanAnimations/Ask The Crusaders New Intro Clip

You guys remember Picture Perfect Pony, right? It was only like, the greatest fan creation ever. And now, ATC has released his official intro clip for future animations. It's nothing much, but still, future animations. So excited. Find the short but sweet clip after the break. 

Comics: Spitfire's Regret / Make My Music Video / Da Bomb / Breaking the Dream Wall

Oh Derpy, if only those monkeys hadn't trusted you by ~MontyRohde

If Derpy takes a typewriter to town that fast imagine the destruction she could unleash on my Ma-uh I mean PC. It would downgrade to Vista, a fate worse than death. Comics after the break.

Super Smash Ponies Music Update

That video shows just one of the few released tracks for the music to be in the Super Smash Ponies game! And, it looks like you can download this track and a couple others over at Equestrian Beats! If you haven't heard them already, then click here to give a listen to and, while you're there, you can download the available tracks!

January 30: Release date for comic issue 3?

Too adorable not to use as a header at least once (but otherwise unrelated)

Multiple sources including TFAW have revealed that issue 3 of the official comic will be released on January 30th.

Check out the article on The Round Stable for further details. Also, in light of an update to TRS's article, it seems we can expect our FiM comics the last week of each month from now on? (maybe)

Artsy #121

1 (source)

Even more art! We need to find a new way of dealing with all this art besides artsy posts - they don't do the true volume being produced justice... Any ideas folks? I'll bet there's a way to have quality control like EqD, while still allowing everything its chance to be seen...

Artsy #120 And Discussion

1 (source)
Inb4 Sethisto comes out of nowhere and leaves a comment...

Anyways this artsy is relatively brief in terms of art... So let's get some sort of discussion/activity started up as well! Name a thing you've seen (or which you would expect to see, for easy-mode) on a particular brony website of your choosing. Then everyone else may proceed to guess which site you had in mind.

Music: Amygdala / War of the Equestria / Twilight Venture V / Boogiemare

This blog can't handle all the awesomeness STF keeps sending in! 

Yet more music submitted by SleepToFade... At this point, we should have a "SleepToFade and Friends" banner for a day XD

Also while I'm posting stuff I might as well link to that quick-fix for image distortion. It works just because Blogger's HTML interpreter is smart. But as a quick fix, it means we have to go through submitted content and make a few modifications before posting, which kind of defeats the purpose of making the program to save time. I've found alternative, more permanent solutions in Jquery or Jsoup, but I'm not sure I'll have time to make those today. Also the good thing about those is I could make a decent spider, or maybe even an open-source alternative to Website Watcher... But that stuff's far away in the future probably.

Anyways, embeds after the break!

  1. Lectro Dub - Amygdala
  2. Carbon Maestro - War of the Equestria
  3. SherbetSix - Twilight Venture V
  4. Hirosashii - Boogiemare
  5. Singing Telegram Duet
  6. Rainbow Skies - DJ Luna
  7. Out-Staged - Error404
  8. Koroshi-Ya - (Girl) You Know I Love You