Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nightly Megathread #102

Dezy... You are awesome!
At times like these... when the perfect header comes to you... and it ends up being too awesome to even be in an Artsy-Wartsy post...

This is the second header (this year) I've used that has been given that privilege... Think of it as you will...

(The first one was made by CptPudgeMuffin, by the way...)

MLP FIM - Sung by Kids

*wheeze cough cough gag COUGH COUGH WHEEZE*

(Translation) Bob is sick. This perfectly describes our fandom.

PMV: ღ Ꭿ ℒ℩ттℓℯ ℳσяℯ υs ღ/ Cadence - I'll Pick You Up/ Roxanne - The Police/ Her Real Name Isn't Cadence/ My Little Phantom of the Opera

FPLOON: *very fast* Hay! You like PMVs? Of course you do! Here's some PMVs! Thank you Joseph for helping me sort these out! *points to header* This seed will grow!! *vanishes*

Joseph Houser: *whispers to you* FPLOON's been having some "off days"... There are a few short PMVs and a couple of regular size PMVs after the break...

1. ღ Ꭿ ℒ℩ттℓℯ ℳσяℯ υs ღ [PMV]
2. PMV - Cadence - I'll Pick You Up
3. PMV - Roxanne - The Police
4. Her Real Name Isn't Cadence
5. My Little Phantom of the Opera

Sam Vincent Joins Twitter

Poll Results: What type of pony would you be?

Ha, what do you say about your "master race" now unicorns? PEGASI ARE CHIEF OVER ALL! Pegasi win by a landslide, completely obliterating the competition. Pegasi! PEGASI! |Pegasi!PEGASI!|

Comics: 'Union of Ponies' / Spitfire's Regret / First Flight / Watch Your Step! / Breaking the Dream Wall

Well I'm bored, how 'bout some comics. |you know the drill|

Music: Old Appleoosa/ Pinkie Pie's Smile Song Instrumental Remix/ Crystalline

Here we have an piano piece, a remix SMILE SMILE SMILE, and an orchestrated piece fitting for the Crystal Empire. Give your ears a feast after the break.

  1. Doofcake- Old Appleoosa
  2. Narflarg- Pinkie Pie's Smile Song Instrumental Remix
  3. Radiark- Crystalline

MLP Comics: IDW Bestsellers

Apparently MLP #1 is IDW's best-selling comic ever (so far). It even stood up to DC and Marvel comics in terms of sales! Check out the DHN article for more details!

More Bronies For Good Updates

^Sincere thanks from many ugandan children

Lots of excellent news from Bronies For Good just arrived in the inbox! The water sanitation project has been fully funded, a thank you card was recieved from the children aided by the project before that one, and there's lots else going on including a shorty award nomination, another YourSiblings campaign/project, and a charity album! Like usual, their message to us does an excellent job of explaining it all, so check that out after the break.

Innocence Mov/Misc Zaniness

Above is an all-around awesome animation! Not much else to say except excelsior to alliteration!
And below the break, witness one of the rare occasions where MikeNanotube attempts to make a joke!

FiM Burger toys? Seems Legit.

(One of the old McDonalds toys from two years ago. Image from ToyWiz)

Over on DHN they've put up a post about a rumor-ish thing on Derpibooru of some MLP:FiM Burger King Toys that might appear some time this spring. If true, you can expect to find Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie to appear in Burger Kings around March. For more details, check out the DHN post. For more derails, check out the comments below. (inb4 60s spiderman pics)

Artsy #122

1 (source)

A bit of a long one this morning! Good news, the quick-fix to keep pictures from being distorted seems to work: now to refactor the code and add some additional functionality! Hopefully it won't be long before anyone can make a post, of any kind! Also this artsy post was brought to you by SleepToFade, Hyperdudeman, and of course, all the artists who actually made the art.