Thursday, January 31, 2013

Discord Came to Discord's Domain

(Pixelkitties is awesome)

So early this morning I received word from Mike Brockhoff that John De Lancie could join us for a quick interview and discussion about "Bronies", the documentary. Just a few hours later I had a working livestream channel, and Discord's Domain had coordinated with BabbleWithBronies and Bronystate to do some backup livestreams as well. Not even a full day later, the interview is done. Quite short-notice, but it ended well. Read on after the page break!

It's worth mentioning that unlike the documentary it discusses, there's no good reason this interview can't be all over youtube. Here, take a copy: the things De Lancie mentions here really should be heard.

For those short on time, here are a few of the most important points:
(not all of them, so you might as well watch at some point anyway).
  1. The documentary is meant to inform people in general about the brony community, not only to entertain bronies.
  2. The uploads of the documentary on youtube really are causing harm, preventing the documentary from really finding the general audience it was more-or-less intended to find.
  3. In the world of documentaries, to have a documentary fully made in just six months is actually really impressive. (I wonder if any of the people on the technical side would be willing to enlighten us about how they did it)
Thanks to Mike Brockhoff, for letting me know about this opportunity. Thanks to the folks at Bronystate for lending a helping hand, Thanks very much to Elliott from BabbleWithBronies and all his interviewing experience/expertise, and thanks most of all to John De Lancie. Whom is a very busy man, yet still set aside the time to do this with us. I wanted to give him a 3D printed Twilight Sparkle for all his trouble, courtesy of The CollabLab (WPI's up-and-coming makerspace) but before I could mention it to him he was already off to his next order of business... Oh well, I'll get it to him if I can, and if he would like it. I do hope he gets an occasional respite from that busy schedule of his.