Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nightly Megathread #125

Bring on the apples! YEE-HAW!! Let's ride this NM to the break of dawn...

(Seriously, the comments need to be filled with apples...)

Comics: Too many to list them

Today, it's Pinkie who brings you the ever changing comic book with some of its latest entries.

Go look at the index after the break

Music: Regret/ Crystal Empire Suite Part 3/ On a White Road/ Raise This Barn - eXtaticus Eurobeat Remix/ DerpSky (Remastered)/ Chaos

Under unnatural circumstances,
I forget about your vain pretenses.
But if you want to recreate the sea
and the sky for me, I got you.

We got an orchestral instrumental from BassBeastJD, a piano improvisation from PonyVisation, some ambience from UnderKeel, a Eurobeat remix of "Raise This Barn" from sXtaticus, a remastered version  from DJ Mattnew, and (as an added bonus) some dubstep from Blaze...

1. Regret (Orchestral Instrumental)
2. Crystal Empire Suite Part 3 (Piano Improvisation)
3. UnderKeel - On a White Road
4. Raise This Barn - eXtaticus Eurobeat Remix
5. DJ Mattnew - DerpSky (Remastered)
6. Blaze - Chaos

Random Videos

(source) ...I need to start watching Dr Who again.

I'm not entirely sure where to put these... They are quite random though, with a little bit of awesome thrown in.

Weekend Fun Time

Anticipating that this weekend would be a rather quiet one, we put our thinking caps on and came up with some participatory activities.

Main event: write a five-sentence MLP:FiM-related "story". Then reply to other folks' stories, extending them so that they fit in the context of your story. It's a world-building exercise. See if you can link every story in the post. (and don't be afraid to start off with some curveballs to make it challenging)

Also, if anyone wishes to do any of the things suggested in the nightly megathread, feel free to do so. Keep seperate activities in separate nested set of comments if possible, except for the main activity.

PMV: YOLO/SNL/ Big Brother/ Total Paranoia/ Castle on a cloud/ Twilight Sparkle, Cadence, & Shining Armor Melancholy Hill/ Equestrian Idiot

TWO Gorillaz PMVs in this post??  *reason for this header*

Yo yo yo! What's up? FPLOON's got your PMV fix in this post!!

We got a YOLO PMV from GameOverBrony, a Gorillaz PMV from GraceyK422, "some" paranoia in this PMV from Pinkamena Diane Pie, a short Les Miserables PMV from JACEproductions19, another Gorillaz PMV this time from Ahsia Hargrove, and (as an added bonus) a Green Day PMV from PatchOfStars...

2. Big Brother [PMV]
3. PMV - Total Paranoia
4. Castle on a cloud (PMV)
5. Twilight Sparkle, Cadence, & Shining Armor Melancholy Hill [PMV]
6. Equestrian Idiot - PMV

(Funny how both Gorillaz PMVs use similar episode snippets... Just something I noticed...)

Fiesta Equestria Press Release

The chairman of Fiesta Equestria recently sent us an in-depth update about the convention! Check it out, as well as a brief comic they prepared for the occasion, after the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #156

Guess how long it took me to decide to use this as the header.

Head on past the break for more

Miscellaneous Morning News and Discussion

Long ago, back on /co/ and /b/, One of the biggest reasons the show gained support was because people really agreed very much with Lauren Faust's message in it: that television for little girls didn't have to be terrible. I remember myself going "Heck, I'll support the show just for that message: that sort of social change is worthwhile". Sadly that is but a footnote today. Both the bronies and Hasbro have distorted that original idea into other, completely different things. And yet, I still feel that the brony phenomenon has brought people together in a way that can cause change, even if it has lost its original goal. As people who considered themselves bronies graduate and find jobs, and disperse into the rest of society, What do you think will happen? Will it be a smooth transition? Will we manage to improve the world around us? Tell us what you think in the comments!

There's also some Miscellaneous notifications after the break.

Music: Down with the ponies feat Cyril the Wolf/ Fluttershy's Wonders [Klawz DnB Remix]/ H.A.P.P.Y/ Applejack's Stage Piano Cover/ Where Rich Ponies Go (RonsRogue Remix)

Waoh - it's so insane
To synthesize another strain
There's something in these
Futures that we have to be told

I got some more music for ya! You know you want to listen to them... So, let me tell you what's in store this time...

We got a ponified Disturbed collab cover between Dustykatt and Cyril the Wolf (It's the radio edit version...), a remix of "So Many Wonders" sent to us by Cylvr Klawz (Thanks, dude!), some house from Uglynator, a piano cover of "Applejack's Stage Theme" from Pikachu25sci90vt, and a remix of this song by RonsRogue...

1. MLP:FIM Down with the ponies feat Cyril the Wolf
2. Fluttershy's Wonders [Klawz DnB Remix](NEW!)
3. Uglynator - H.A.P.P.Y
4. Applejack's Stage Piano Cover
5. Sim Gretina - Where Rich Ponies Go (RonsRogue Remix)

(2, 3, and 5 got me in the groove, for sure!)

Just For Sidekicks BGM snippets

Remember Infinitydash, who made that video game recently? The one with Fluttershy and Bunnies? Well flash isn't all he does: check out some background music he pulled from the show, after the break!

Music: In Memoriam (Of the Crystal Ponies)/ When Home Calls/ Illuminated Skies/ Party Hard ft. Psychotic Pony/ Leave This World Behind/ I've Probably Got Issues

I used to put my faith in worship
But then my chance to get to heaven slipped
I used to worry about the future
But then I threw my caution to the wind~

Yes... Young Twilight is dancing to the music after the break (or this, I guess) and you probably will, too...

But first, we got some crystal orchestral piece from Carbon Maestro, some pop-punk from Restrained Madness, a "bizarre little ambient-ish track" from collab group Mango Smoothie, some hard style from ViFFeX and Psychotic Pony collabing, some soft rock from Jeff Burgess, and finally some wubbing electro from Colortwelve...

1. In Memoriam (Of the Crystal Ponies) - Pony Empires Complete
2. When Home Calls - Pop-punk Cover by Restrained Madness
3. Mango Smoothie - Illuminated Skies
4. ViFFeX - Party Hard ft. Psychotic Pony
5. Leave This World Behind - Jeff Burgess
6. Colortwelve - I've Probably Got Issues

(Something tells me 3, 4, and 6 are the most dance-worthy for this header... But, then again any music makes me dance... even 1...)

Comics: Half-Baked Escape/ Rock Candy/ Manehattanite Friends/ Kindergarten days 25/ The Villains play CoD: Black Ops 2!/ Element of Loyalty 5

Yay for comics in the morning.
Twilight here got her coffee ready. I hope you got something as well.

If not, get some free laughs and feels here. I especially support the feels.