Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hi people! I’m Yuk, and you may remember that I made a questionnaire a couple weeks ago about us and the MLP characters. Here I have its “result”!

It’s a HUGE post.

Have a break for mystery effect!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #240 + Comic

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It doesn't match my requirements for a header pic, but... she's so cute!

Oh yeah, and there will be two smaller art posts tomorrow instead of the regular one. An early one and a late one. Because of reasons.

Music (5/2/13)

Kyoga, TheDashDub and Radiarc. I for one am well served.

Claire Anne Carr So Many Wonders (Rock Cover) Instrumental Rock
Flaedr Roses (Feat. TranquilHooves) Vocal House
Kyoga The Echo Ambient / Drone
MandoPony I Live Forever (Chrysalis Theme) Vocal Rock
Michael Pallante The Night Armies Vocal Metal
Mush Behind these Eyes (Ft. JackTHerbert) Synthpop
Radiarc The Life of Pie Orchestral
Retrotype & Casual T Family Issues (Sweetie Belle) House
Sicknessia Luna's Feelings Vocal Rock
Sonic Breakbeat Kinetic (Original Mix) Drum'n'Bass
TheDashDub Destiny Orchestral
Twitch Pegasi (Panic's Remix) Dubstep
WoodenToaster + The Living Tombstone Love Me Cheerilee ( GatoPaint's Rock Cover ) Vocal Rock