Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hi people! I’m Yuk, and you may remember that I made a questionnaire a couple weeks ago about us and the MLP characters. Here I have its “result”!

It’s a HUGE post.

Have a break for mystery effect!

So. According to the Herd Census of 2013, we bronies watch the show mostly because of its characters, so what better to analyze than our relation with them?

Actually my questionnaire has no result report, but here I'll post a few interesting facts it has revealed!

But first, let's begin with what's most important:

How accurate is it?

You see, I'm not an amateur in an attempt to make a survey and failing at it. I actually have some knowledge on the matter.

The second question of the survey had the purpose of fiding out how accurate it is. By comparing its result with the Herd Census result to the same question I can have an idea of the accuracy of my questionnaire and how the people who took it differentiate from the general bronies! Ha! Bet you didn't see that one coming!

So have a comparison of the results to the question "Who is best pony?"

Favorite Pony       Herd Census     My Little Survey

Twilight Sparkle    16.2%           20%
Rarity              6.8%            5%
AppleJack           6.1%            5%
Raibow Dash         11.1%           7.5%
Fluttershy          13.1%           15%
Pinkie Pie          10%             7.5%
Other               36.7%           40%

We can see that the biggest discrepancy if of 3.8% and that the discrepancies average is of about 2.6%. This means that even with a small amount of people we can get a relatively accurate result. But since the topic of my Questionnaire is rather personal, I'd say its accuracy might be lower.

But enough talk! Have at you! Let's dive into those interesting facts the questionnaire has shown!

1st) Respect

The amount of respect received by the MLP characters is unbelievable. I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen with any other show out there. At least on my little survey, there isn't a single person who doesn't respect at least one of the Mane 6. Every one of them (except for Fluttershy) is respected by more than half of the brony community.

Twilight and Applejack are the most respected. Considering that our community has about 10 million bronies (which is true), both Twilight and Applejack (who are respected by almost 100% of the bronies) have a small nation of people respecting them. Way to go girls!

Fluttershy is the least respected. I kinda see that coming, but I expected her to be a little more respected than Pinkie Pie. Turns out I was only partially right.

But anyway, moving to the second aspect:

2ndThe Crushes

No pony, and I mean no pony, is safe from crushes.

Even on my little survey taken by only 40 people, no pony is safe from a crush.

Well, at least when it's about the Mane 6. Even Pinkie Pie has 2 of them!

I was kinda speechless because we’ve got 11 crushes out of 40 people. And some are legitimate love. Guys, I don’t think my math is correct here. Does this mean 27.5% of the bronies have a crush on some pony? Naah, I’m definitely mistaken, haha. Uhh..

But even so, MLP is far from being the show with more crushes. (Panty & Stocking for example. I bet more than half of the fans have crushes on those girls)

For now I’ll guess the visitors of Discord’s Domain differentiate from the rest of the bronies and, for some reason, have a tendency for having crushes on ponies. Yeah, I’ll go with that.

Oh, and by the way, the people who have a crush on somepony are more likely to hate the other characters and get annoyed by them. They also fail to spot the good traits of the other characters (Tsk, tsk. You should be ashamed of yourselves). I guess that’s just psychology, but still, it affects what some bronies feel for the characters.

Let’s move on to next aspect:

3rd) The Fandom Factor

What I like to call The Fandom Factor is that the people's feelings for the characters are affected significantly by the fan content about them. And I'm not talking about the background ponies.

What people feel for the background ponies indeed is affected by the fandom, of course. But it’s the Mane 6 I’m talking about here. I’ll go ahead and say that what Bronycurious said (here) about development applies to the main characters as well.

The people who took the questionnaire kept mentioning about how the characters were represented in fan work.

I think this explains the huge amount of crushes. Well, it's just a theory, but I think it's very likely. Don't you?

4th) Negative Feelings

The negative feelings toward the character were bigger than I expected as well.

It’s as if there is no such a thing as indifference when it comes to our ponies. They’re either loved or hated. But in most cases, both! (by a same person)

I didn’t expect the ponies to be hated so much, but it’s okay because in most cases, they are also loved by the ones they are hated.

Apparently it's some of their attitudes that are hated instead of themselves, which explains why they are also liked. But still, they are hated, they annoy people, and they are even disgusted by some bronies. Except for Applejack. No one hates that girl!

Also, Pinkie Pie annoys half of the fandom.

And now, for the last topic:

5th) DD’s visitors

And finally, with my questionnaire we can make an estimate of how many people visit the site. But I’ve already mentioned several times that 40 people took the survey, so no surprise here.

Then I would say it has about 60 visitors.

To have an idea, this poster has 72 characters:

And that’s about it, guys! Thanks for reading and thanks for taking my boring questionnaire!

If you haven’t taken it yet you can take it here.

It contains invasive questions! Go there and tell me your secrets!