Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, Everypony!

(Click for the music!)

Fanfic: My Little Pony's Little Ponies

We have a fanfic for you tonight. little on the long side, but it's a funny one so perhaps it will keep you awake as you wait for the New Year!

"Pinkie Pie at her finest (as always), and Twi actually getting in on the randomness. With a few jabs here and there at Pinklestia and other Hasbro toys, and amazing situations for the pony toys, this fic was just (for lack of a better word) amazing." -Swatteam

Comics: Very Important Tasks / Happy New Year / Explosive Countdown

Happy New Year everyone! Have some comics, both New-Year themed and not, after the break.
...Diwali is better for Fireworks.

Sudden Season 3 Surprises

(Yeah, we know; "OMG! SB is on Twitter!")

Meghan McCarthy has revealed more about the closing episodes of this season here. Not plot-relevant spoilers, but specifics about how the season is structured. Join us after the break and in the comments for some speculation.

Music: Raise this barn (Remix)/ Raise This Barn (Varia Remix)/ Hoofpumpin'/ Bloom

The percentage of us tow the line
The rest of us out of reach
Everybody party time
Some of us will never sleep again

We got two different remix takes on "Raise This Barn", a 12-minute DJ mashup, and an acoustic response to  "Babs Seed"...

1. Sub.Sound - Raise this barn (Remix)
2. Daniel Ingram - Raise This Barn (Varia Remix) [Electro House]
3. DJ Chaos Light - Hoofpumpin'
4. Bloom

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #106

Happy New year everyone/everypony (whatever you prefer)! Have some art to celebrate.

PMV: Season 2 Trailer / Higher and Higher / Reach For The Stars / Crystal Fair Remix

*puts on mustache* Have some PMV's... but remember, you didn't get 'em from me.

Epic season 2 trailer, Ghostbusters 2 PMV, a Reach For The Stars PMV, and a Sim Gretina PMV!

1.) Season 2 Trailer
2.) PMV: Higher and Higher
3.) Reach For The Stars PMV
4.) PMV - Crystal Fair Remix

SFM: Poniscout

BONK! We have a short SFM animation of the ponified Scout. I better see ones for the other classes in the future...