Monday, February 11, 2013

Nightly Megathread #134

An ancient legend, that was once left in secret, is about to be revealed... Once Twilight Sparkle goes through that door, there will be no turning back... Is she ready to truly enter the void?

"I da knoe"... I'm more worried about what's after this break into tonight's Nightly Megathread... because we got some videos that just have to be watched...

You'll see... Are you ready to enter the NM?

M.A. Larson is... confused?

Hoo Hoo Hoo! I have no idea if this is true or not, but this is sure giving me the chuckles...

That's M.A. Larson for ya! *laugh track* Anyway, click here to see the original tweet itself...

Finale Song Status: Leaked

Want to see the finale song early? I sure don't, but for some reason I'm posting about it anyway. Find it after the break.

Peter New and Dustykatt Interview

Ryan Markey over on the Markey Mailer interviewed both Peter New and Dustykatt recently check it out here. Knowing those two, it's probably going to be interesting.

Thanks to DHN for the news.

Misc Afternoon Stuff

This afternoon we've got a couple things to keep from falling through the cracks like the games inspector just did. Cool 3D model (perhaps a bit of a large one, so slow computers beware?) after the break!

And here's am article by DHN about yet more merch reveals, including dog tags and yet another tin.

Comics: Weather Princess/ Twilight's Ascension: Flight/ Pony Rants: Princess Celestia/ Musical Dilemma/ Scoot-A-Loo

New Yoker cartoon by ~KTurtle

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #165

Hold on.
I've found another way to let you go, away.
Hold on.
You've found another way to play my soul, away.

Some precious art today. Like every day. But it's still different every time.

The Hub releases new coronation image

The Hub just released the new exclusive spoilery image of the season finale.
You thought there was nothing left to spoil anymore?
Be warned and find it after the break.

PMVs: Circus / Blue Pony Eyes / Together We're Invincible / Hanging On / Greyhound / In The Air Tonight / Really Cool Song

Quite a few PMVs for you today. These things really do come out quickly. Set aside some time and watch 'em after the break.

1. Circus - Honeychii
2. Blue Pony Eyes - Grue3
3. Together We're Invincible - Lord Pony
4. Hanging On - rainbowdashzx
5. Greyhound - Moonwisher13
6. In The Air Tonight - ZakiTaquito3
7. Really Cool Song - kwarkman85

Music: Bubble/ Metallic Speed/ Elements/ Guardian/ Hush Now Lullaby Jazz

Yay for music. There's even Jazz in here. Also, someone tell me a genre for Neighsayer's stuff. Because I have no idea.

Koroshi-Ya -- Bubble (feat. Carbon Maestro & Buffalo Brony) -- Rap
Legendary -- Legends Box - Metallic Speed -- Battle Theme
MysteriousBronie -- Elements -- Vocal Rock
Neighsayer -- Guardian -- Instrumental
oodora -- Hush Now Lullaby Jazz -- Jazz Remix

Comics: It Gives You What Now?/ Twilight vs. Trixie!/ Heartbreaker/ Elements of Ginyu/ Enemy Mine

A nice bunch of comics in the morning. Have a nice day. Or just a day. Twilight is happy anyway.

Pony Break

All right. I give up: there's no good pony news this week (unless you consider all the new toys and sellable items to be good. Idk they seem pretty neutral in the face of everything else). Have something that's actually happy for once.