Monday, February 11, 2013

Comics: It Gives You What Now?/ Twilight vs. Trixie!/ Heartbreaker/ Elements of Ginyu/ Enemy Mine

A nice bunch of comics in the morning. Have a nice day. Or just a day. Twilight is happy anyway.

It Gives You What Now? by *Gray--Day

Obligatory joke. And you might recognize it by the drawing style.
Twilight vs. Trixie! Alicorn vs Trixiegan! by ~GatesMcCloud

I've never really watched the referenced show, but it seems to be an epic fight.
Also, not sure if this is gonna be a series. Maybe.
Heartbreaker by ~DeadParrot22

Make it darker, turn down saturation and it looks like a psychological thriller.
Elements of Ginyu by *UC77

Times change. So do sidekicks.
Enemy Mine by *MLP-Silver-Quill

Discord is ready for Valentine's Day.
And who else could he possibly choose if not Celestia?