Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nightly Megathread #7

Uh... Rarity edition? Okay, first off, I get a request to post Rarity for the next Nightly Megathread... Any Rarity, since there hasn't been one for her yet... (I also get the added suggestion of having it being saucy...) And, this was the best result for "Rarity sexy vampire" in my MLP photo folder? Hmmm... Don't know what this means, but at least this is still technically Rarity...

(For the record, this will be the last time I'll use a picture like that as a header in one of my post... I'll let the rest of the Blog6 and Co. use headers like that... Usually...)

 Page break, prepared to be flipped!

Happy now Swat? I posted Pinkie Pie... can you put away your butterfly knife. no stop coming closer NO!...

Drop it!

What can I say except Drop it. |more after the break|

General Mymbloe Album Release: Far too much farting for a debut album

General Mymbloe, who I think is a parody of General Mumble, has just released his debut album. It's a whole lot of... something. Check it out after here. A video with some crazy visuals is also after the break. Source for art not provided to my knowledge. Warning: Explicit. 

Music: Everfree forest - Ruins of the old castle / Wake Me Up When October Ends / For The New Lunar Republic

Best crossover ever

If you like bone chilling music like I do that first one was pretty good (play it while walking through a dark forest I dare ya),  second is a nice- woah wait Deja vu I'm having here from that picture, and last but not least is something that plays while your eating cereal because having breakfast is epic.

  1. Everfree Forest - Ruins of the old castle
  2. Wake Me Up When October Ends
  3. For The New Lunar Republic - Orchestral remix

Media: Featherweight's Photo Album / PSY Gangnam Style Pinkie Pie / Far From Cloudsdale / The Apple Family / I'm sexy and I know it Pinkie Pie

Featherweight is quite the photographist, delve into his photo album as he takes you through various parts of the show via flash photography.

I guess it's my turn to post something again, so have various types of media. |more after the break|

Music: The Moon Rises vocal cover / Love Is in Bloom / Love and Tolerate

"Hero's on Four legs! Pony Power!"

 ♫Teenage Mutant Ninja Ponies! ♫

  1. The Moon Rises vocal cover Joaftheloaf
  2. Love Is in Bloom (Mr. Collin Remix)
  3. Love and Tolerate (Feat Cracking Lazer)

Comic Post #1: Might Be a Moose? / I Couldn't Save You / Why Rainbow Dash is Flying so Fast

Surprise! First comic post!

Is EQM ready for comic posts? Probably not, but I'm (pretty sure) that's how we roll. I'm currently subscribing to all the comic artists I possibly can, so be sure to check back here for all your comicy needs. Head down past the break for some (kind of newish) comics. This post is mainly for trying out the comic post format, so not everything is breaking media.

Slow day....sorry

                Nothing much today, so to get you started, here's Rainbow Dash being awesome!

Music: Smile Smile Smile (Pop Punk Cover) / Making Cupcakes (Punk Cover) / Field of Foals (Remix of Gypsy Bard)

Have some Pinkie Pie music. Wouldn't have it any other way right? Haha haha ahaha... If Pinkie doesn't win in the polls your all getting drawn on.

  1. Smile Smile Smile (Pop Punk Cover)
  2. Making Cupcakes (Punk Cover)
  3. Field of Foals (Remix of Gypsy Bard from Friendship is Witchcraft)

Music/PMV : Gladiators / These Frozen Lands / Trevor Devall intro video

Bass Scootaloo by ~Tetrapony

If you like music, you are going to like today. We have new music planned throughout the day!
Up next are two new awesome songs and a PMV starring all the characters Trevor Devall voices in MLP.
Go ahead and watch em after the break!

1.) Frenssu - Gladiators
2.) Kyoga - These Frozen Lands (Crystal Empire Battle Theme)
3.) MLP FIM Trevor Devall intro video for Stay Brony my Friends Episode 25

Stay Brony My Friends episode #25

Another episode of Stay Brony My Friends is out to help you stay more.... brony...or something, I don't really know, JUST WATCH IT ALREADY!