Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nightly Megathread #115

EggheadDash: Scootaloo is best element.

Radiogenicpony: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Poll Results: Keep Calm And Flutter On Rating

 |Head on down|

Music: Solar Reign/ Silhouettes (Ponyfied)/ Forgive/ Most wonderful of Nights [feat. Princess Luna] (Retrotype Remix)

Guess what? More music.
The first slot is occupied by Radiarc's new Orchestral piece. I recommend it. Not like anyone cared about that...
Next is a ponified House song by Viral Sound, with the original one belonging to Avicii.
Following them, a new Vocal Rock song by RestrainedMadness and Retrotype's remix of Aftermath's "Most wonderful of Nights". Dammit, that songname takes half the space of the post's title.

Look at Twilight up there and feel compelled to listen to the music after the break.

Comics: Signed, Sealed Delivered/ Sweet dreams./ Xiaolin Beatdown/ ATG Week #3: Belated Chaos


She looks even  more peaceful when she sleeps... 
Umm... Right. More comics for you to feast on. Get 'em while they're new.

After the break

PMV: ¦you¦are¦the¦moon¦ Luna/Celestia/ Nobody Likes Twilight Sparkle/ Kaleidoscope Eyes/ ❣ PMV: Everything To Me ❣

Oh Hay! PMVs!! We got a Luna/Celestia storytelling PMV from unpleasant pheasant, a simple Twilight PMV from Melanie Fox, a Discord/Celestia PMV from BeaverAru, a Royal Wedding PMV from ClawtailNRazor, and (as an added bonus) two PMV previews from Malathrom...

1. ¦you¦are¦the¦moon¦ Luna/Celestia [PMV]
2. Nobody Likes Twilight Sparkle PMV
3. [Discord/Celestia] Kaleidoscope Eyes
4. ❣ PMV: Everything To Me ❣ HD
5. intro 12
6. ideas plox

Artsy #144

Let me go into the dark
To eternal rest
Let me sleep forever
Do not mourn for me

Art after the break.

Comics: Learning new techniques/ Wrath of Luna/ Too Much Blending/ Were you gonna eat that?

floop by *ponymonster

Aww, Twilight is still sleepy...

A little comic post in the morning. One of them is a Star Trek 2 parody, according to its description.
I don't get it. Maybe you do.

Music: An Overabundance/ Sisterly Love/ Trusting You/ Not Letting Go Vocal...Cover/

Well... Megaphoric would like to attend BronyCon 2013, too. In case you have some dollars or other valid currency left, consider this. Just like Feather did, there's stuff to gain in the form of perks to unlock. Oh, and ViFFeX would like to go there as well... Though he should be more concerned about other things right now.

Now for the music. Cover & Collab edition.
In the first slot, we have an Electronic Instrumental piece from Neighsayer & RainSnowHail.
Then another collaboration. ViFFeX feat. TheDashDub with a Lullasynth song.
Third one is Faux's cover of Megaphoric's and Joaftheloaf's "Trusting You".
Fourth slot is taken by GatoPaint's cover of Prince Whateverer's "Not Letting Go".

My Little Pony Spreads to Japan

There's some news all over the brony community this morning (here here here here, and probably other places too by now): MLP:FiM is finally going to Japan. That is to say, episodes (presumably of seasons 1 and 2) and merchandise will soon be available there. Here's the original source of the news.

"Target: college students - teenage girls will be sold at grocery stores across the country, such as women in their 20s"

^I lol'd at that, both because Google Translate is a silly pony and because college students are now blatantly a target audience...

Random Videos: Gypsy Bard Remix / Derpy's Mind At Work / DW&A

Just a bunch of random stuff this morning. Random but awesome. Discord approves. 

"Bronies" Makes Headlines, Other Updates

Good news everyone! "Bronies"has shown up on a variety of news sites including The Raw Story, io9 (thanks to Jordan for letting us know about that one), and WTVY. May it appear on many other sites too.

The documentary staff also appear to be looking for some help from the brony community in their local area, according to a post in the SoCal brony group here. Lucky folks from Southern California...