Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Comics: Learning new techniques/ Wrath of Luna/ Too Much Blending/ Were you gonna eat that?

floop by *ponymonster

Aww, Twilight is still sleepy...

A little comic post in the morning. One of them is a Star Trek 2 parody, according to its description.
I don't get it. Maybe you do.

Learning new techniques by ~CIRILIKO

Yay, Scootaloo is flying!
In her dreams.

Wrath of Luna by ~Daniel-The-Great

Star Trek inside.
I don't get it.
Lecture me in the comments.

Too Much Blending by =90Sigma

Photo Finish rants. Then again, she knows the magikz.

Artwork by =NightmareMoonS, apparently.

Were you gonna eat that? by ~SauseSource

Yummy, cake... I hope you enjoy it, Celestia. As long as you can.

Made for EqD's ATG. Well... First.