Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nightly Megathread #137

*Hyper starts playing the piano*
FPLOON: Hearts and Hooves Day... has come and gone...
Joseph Houser: Time for another pony marathon...
FPLOON: The finale is coming this Saturday...
Joseph Houser: So, we can all watch it and say... "Eh, it was okay..."

Comics: Terrible Disadvantage/ Huge Gift/ The Best Possible Thing/ Twilight's First Day #5/ Equestria Inquirer 70

Aw geeze... *blush*
...But in reality that adds up to a whopping zero books. NO ONE EVER WRITES BOOKS ABOUT ME! (fanfics don't count)

Without further adieu, go see the comics after the break. 

Music: Go To Sleep / Trixie's Clemency / A Song For Celestia / Summer / Time Is Up / Dress For Art

Music time! From remixes to vocal splicing to original stuff, find it all here. A nice soundtrack for however you're enjoying the day.

1. Go To Sleep (Hush Now Quiet Now Remix) [VIP] - Aftermath
2. Trixie's Clemency - Macarou & Resonantwaves
3. A Song for Celestia - Narflarg
4. Griffin Village - Summer (Lyra And Bon Bon) - JackleApp cover - DannyBrony
5. Time is Up (feat. Orion Melody) - Cyphers Wolf
6. Dress For Art - JayB

Wave of Amazing T-Shirts Revealed for UK

H&M has announced an incredible line of pony t-shirts for you guys over in the UK. Head on past the break to check these amazing masterpieces out! 

Build a Bear Pony Plushies

Image via DHN
Remember the pony plushies Build a Bear announced some time ago? According to an employee, they will be in stock on April 1. So far, it seems like there will only be Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash plushies available, but they will come with (seperately sold) special outfits. What those will look like isn't known so far, though.
Hit the article at DHN for some more information on it.

"Random" Valentine's Day (Hearts and Hooves Day) Media Post

Ah... Hearts and Hooves Day, or as humans call it "Valentine's Day"... Only one of those days can I technically say that I have a special somepony, but that will not hide the fact that I'm still technically celebrating S.A.D today...

Anyway, this post is filled with nothing but the hearts, the hooves, and the "Valentines"... So, don't be afraid to throw it some pics and links in the commments to celebrate this lovely day... (Woona would approved!)

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #168

Season Finale: TV Guide spoiler video

Another spoilery video. This one has been posted by TV Guide. And it spoils a song!
Find it on the page.

Edit: Now embedded after the break as well.

Comics in the Morning

Some comics for you. I hope you find the time to sit down and read them. Do it like AJ here.

Amazon updates "April DVD"

A few hours ago, updated the cover for the so-called April DVD.
It's actual title seems to be "Princess Twilight Sparkle". As expected, I guess.
Find the cover on the product's page or after the break.

Rumor: Other Song From Finale Leaked?

So a song has been released that people are claiming is the other song from the finale. The earliest occurrence I can find is from here: one of the Friendship Is Witchcraft folks posted it. I suppose they'd have a motive but this begs the question: how did they come across it in the first place?... Anyways, potential spoilers past those links, of course. Thanks to Marshall for letting us know!

Edit: The general consensus is they be trollin': probably not a FiM song.