Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nightly Megathread #129

Best... sleepover... of the night...

New Screen from "Games Ponies Play" S3E12

Pic unrelated.

Looking forward to the new episode this Saturday? Well check out the newest screen via the Hub's Twitter and/or Facebook page for a tease. Hint: It's how I look every morning getting out of bed.

Music: Tonight (Freewave's Live VIP Remix)/ Luna's Song/ When I Find My Wings/ Sweetie's Snowland


After the music overflow in recent days, apparently there's not really much left now. Aww...

Aviators -- Tonight (Freewave's Live VIP Remix) -- Dance Remix
DannyBrony -- Luna's Song -- Acoustic Vocal
MandoPony -- When I Find My Wings -- Acoustic Vocal
TheDanielsaur -- Sweetie's Snowland -- Chiptune

Ashleigh Ball Interview

lol... I'm having fun using a PMV as a header and you can't stop me!!

Entertainment Weekly has interviewed Ashleigh Ball and has an article about it right here. Go check it out!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #160

Awesome Applejack art today.

Another one and more visual content after the break.

PMVs: The Thin Ice / Honestly / What would the mane 6 do? / Chasing the Angels / Doomsday

A nice variety of PMVs for you all today, from Pink Floyd to South Park to Dr. Who. It still continues to impress me how many of these things the fanbase turns out. You think one would get used to it. Anyways, head past the break for awesomeness.

1. The Thin Ice | Pink Floyd - The Wall by ComicSansaMS
2. Honestly by xSoundish
3. What would the mane 6 do? by MasterMonsters (some NSFW Language)
4. Stuntmare Legends: Chasing the Angels by RahimKalay
5. Doomsday by TheSpoonburger

Funrise Toys Possibly Not Real?

Over on DHN it was just recently reported that the Funrise plushies were not meant to be an announcement of future sales of plushies. Here's the relevant announcement on the Funrise Facebook page.

Also EqD Just posted this and I thought it might be nice to mention it somewhere. Swat's reaction: "Gak Pool!" My reaction: "What a marvelous non-newtonian fluid!"
...But enough of that silliness. You can also find the embed of that video after the break.

Attention All Bronies and Pegasisters!

We got an interesting e-mail sent to us yesterday that we thought about copy-pasting into last night's Nightly Megathread... But, due to how long and (surprisingly) how deep the e-mail was, we decided to give it its own post and start a [serious] discussion based on what this e-mail is trying to say... So, go past the break to read this [thought-out] e-mail for yourself...

Amy Keating Rogers: Spoiler Queen or Master Troll? You decide.

Comics: Princess Flyer/ Toilet of Destiny/ Reforming sequel Chrysalis/ Twilight's Ascension: Glue/ PONIES!!! - 30

Glorious comics for you.

Find links to colored coherent comical drawings after the break.

Hub Facebook Page Unintentionally Trolls

The Hub Facebook page posted Alicorn Twilight. The comments that follow are both hilarious and/or sad.

Animation: Derpalicious SFM / Send it to the moon

(source) Yeah I could see RD as Tony Stark

This morning there's an impressive SFM and a humorous Regular Show parody.

Preview of the upcoming episode S03E12 (2/9/13) published a preview of this weekend's new episode.
View it here embedded into a small article that also contains a synopsis.

Edit: Now also embedded here after the break.