Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nightly Megathread #123

A while ago, I asked for a Celestia header... Then I realized that I could get one myself... (The rest of what I was thinking was just anime-based filler...)

Something Something Something "Page Break"...

Discord Came to Discord's Domain

(Pixelkitties is awesome)

So early this morning I received word from Mike Brockhoff that John De Lancie could join us for a quick interview and discussion about "Bronies", the documentary. Just a few hours later I had a working livestream channel, and Discord's Domain had coordinated with BabbleWithBronies and Bronystate to do some backup livestreams as well. Not even a full day later, the interview is done. Quite short-notice, but it ended well. Read on after the page break!

Comics: The Bottom Line/ Shocking Revelations/ Novice/ Lost Invitation

Woohoo, comics after the break! And a bipedal Fluttershy right here!

Fighting is Magic Fluttershy Theme

If you've listened to the previous themes, you'll know why I didn't waste time with a header image.  It's one of the best themes released so far, so sit back and behold the theme of best pony in its full glory.  

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #154

Hope you could make it for the exciting interview. DeLancie's voice is certainly a pleasant sound to hear, right?

Have some art to calm down to after the break.

Entertainment Weekly: A Brony explains why fans say 'neigh' to [SPOILER]

And this particular Brony is no less than Sethisto himself. You might know him. He's that guy over there on this little pony blog EqD. And he has an interesting opinion on this whole commotion going on.
Read the complete article on EW here.
It also mentions his real name, on a side note. Just in case you're interested.

De Lancie Question Gathering

Big news, little blog! It seems like we'll be interviewing John De Lancie about the recent documentary over Livestream at 12:00 PST for roughly half an hour. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask De Lancie, leave them in the comments!

Update: we may be able to carry out the interview on BabbleWithBronies or Bronystate. More info as it comes in.

Update again: It looks like we'll probably be able to run this interview on Bronystate. If It can be run in more than one place for redundancy, then we'll try that. And unfortunately it seems we've got a 30-minute delay.

Morning Music

Music in the morning? Why not?
Also, there are too many people involved in the first song one way or another to list them.

Koroshi-Ya Befriends Princewhateverer -- Beyond Her Tomb (Mic The Microphone cover) -- Rap
BronyvilleTime -- С днём рожденья, Шиша! -- Vocal Cover [That's a cover based on Smile, Smile, Smile]
3SPIRITHouse & PonyFireStone -- Rare and Sweet -- Trance
d.notive -- The Apology -- R&B
Coconeru -- Lullaby For A Prince (Colt Cover) -- Vocal Cover

Some interesting music embedded after the break.

Magical Mystery Cure Spoilers

Spoiler after the break! Allegedly what follows is a screencap from the last episode of season 3.


Trig has gone, and now I follow suit. a (hopefully) temporary hiatus. I will still do the BwB interview.but other than that do not expect participation on my end. I have my reasons. Trig has his. leave it at that until one or us says different.

We all have demons we must face. time to reflect on the monsters we have created. you stand victorious or you fall and are consumed by your darker side. a friend once told me,you must separate from your wickedness and face it head on. your wicked nature and you are two separate beings, when you allow them to be. do this, kill off wickedness, and live your life.

Bob here. I'm here to announce that I too will be leaving for a short time. The hiatuses of the three of us were all caused by the same incident.  I need some time away from DD to get my head straight and let out steam. I assure you, we are not leaving for good nor do we hold a grudge against each other. Have a nice day and see you soon.

One last note; "Discord's Domain" truly lives up to its name.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nightly Megathread #122

Rainbow Dash wants to give you a hug... If you wish to accept it, then enter tonight's Nightly Megathread...

Mashup: Sweetie Belle Loves Fractals (The Sixteenth Razor Mashup)/ Look Like Sweetie Belle/ Babs Seed (The Living Tombstone Remix) CMC and MandoPony Mix/ discord garden/ Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu Ft. EileMonty, Zatslol, Derpidety

This comes to mind as I look at this pic...
Feeling all pressured by the peers and the media
Getting jiggy with confines place, I'm telling ya
Anywhere you be from New York to Siberia
Gotta feel your own beat and shake your derriere

We got two Ultimate Sweetie Belle mashups, one's from The Sixteenth Razor (that drop...) and the other's from ReidBartleson (that mild language...), a Babs Seed double mashup from itsZethin (Tombstone and Mando combine!), a simple mashup between Discord and Beyond Her Garden from Deamonangel, and a 5-man Pony Waifu mashup collab presented by RainSnowHail...

1. Sweetie Belle Loves Fractals (The Sixteenth Razor Mashup)
2.  Alex S. vs. Lil B - Look Like Sweetie Belle
3. Babs Seed (The Living Tombstone Remix) CMC and MandoPony Mix
4. discord garden (mash up)
5. TheRunner1230/RainSnowHail - Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu Ft. EileMonty, Zatslol, Derpidety [Mashup]

[Animation] Ponies With Hats

Twilight headers are always relevant.

Bly me! The bloody animation in this is bloody amazing! But a word of warning, contains a bloody human covered in bloody blood, caused by a bloody pony. Bloody hell...

Comic Megapost


Fluttershy wants to share some comics with you.

A whole bunch of them, actually. Some old (in the Internet's timescale) and some new.
You will find something you like.

After the break for previews and links.

A (small) Music Megapost

Today's list of music:
Nicolas Dominique -- Faster Than Storm -- Trance
Silent Night -- Dear Sister Moon -- Vocal Hard Rock
Sim Gretina -- Where Rich Ponies Go -- Vocal House
Sim Gretina -- Where Rich Ponies Go (Doofcake Remix) -- Vocal Electronic
Counterwise -- Flashbang -- House/Dubstep
174UDSI -- The Queen Of The Night (feat. D'Kelli) -- Vocal House

Embeds after the break

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #153

Since it's inevitable, I dedicated a section of this Artsy to our spoiler of the year.
I made it so that you can skip it, though. Should work.
And sorry that the Artsy's became so late recently... Have this particular header as an excuse.

Find some hopefully new art after the break.

Animation: Uoooooooh! / Muffin Season / Flyscooteh


Comics: Who Wants to Be An Alicorn / A Draconequus' Heart / The Importance Of Being Careful / Twilight Sparkle Princess / Drown Me In Food

Comic time! Are you ready, cause the CMC sure are! See 'em after the break.

PMV: Shy

Remember the short preview of a PMV that Malathrom uploaded last week? The promising thing with Fluttershy in it? Full of effects? Of course you don't.
Anyway, he finished it today after a lot of work. And since I'm totally unbiased, I give it a solo post.

Find a mind-shattering breathtaking awesomazing PMV after the break.

Princess Coronation Concert Press Release

The Hub has released their official press release on their Princess Coronation Concert event happening in L.A. Read it here or see more after the break. Also, some new information on the finale, if you're in to that kind of stuff.

The Second Change

You may have noticed the new page on the website this morning.

IntenseDebate is insufficient for what I'd like this site to be. So I'm playing around to learn how other chat features function, and learning about alternatives. In the short term we could migrate off of Skype to some other real-time communication method like that IRC. Eventually, whatever communication method we go with could even replace the blog email for submissions, via comment tagging. Ultimately I'd like to make some sort of graphical display for all the branches of a given conversation, with lots of cool features and color-coding. I'll explain more later when I've worked on it more: Just consider this a first step / an initial experiment. And of course, if anything goes wrong, apply the relevant Derpy quote.

Game: Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue

Jordan Olling let us know about a neat flash game by Infinitydash on DeviantArt. You can play it here or after the break. (if it embeds properly: there seemed to be a few issues)

Morning Youtube Vids

How'd you get up there AJ? (source)

This morning we have for your enjoyment an epic PMV sent in by littleshy, and even more ponies sliding into boxes, after the break.

Morning News

A bunch of news from DHN this morning! There's a tentative (and frankly impressive) Las Pegasus Unicon panel schedule here, and some updates about the NICI plushies to be appearing soon (the smaller ones seem more show-accurate IMO).

Also, remember that recent appearance of a brony question in that Jeapordy-like game-show? Well it is now on youtube. Check it out after the break!

Also I've been trying to play around with post formats for a variety of reasons. Let me know what you think of that in the comments. Does it fit the title of "Discord's Domain" better?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nightly Megathread #121

Hey, Joseph Houser here... I decided to give FPLOON's program a break and I have let myself take over for tonight... *cracks knuckles* It's been a while since I, myself, did the Nightly Megathread that wasn't just a copypaste of what FPLOON wanted in his Nightly post, so bear with me here...

"I'm gonna break it!"

SherclopPones (aka Friendship is Witchcraft) Uploads Official Songs and New Website

Friendship is Witchcraft, the mega-popular parody series that was recently removed from Youtube has launched their website which will most likely post both new and old entries of the whacky pony parody. Find the website and Youtube songs below!

SherclopPones' Official Website

Alicorn Official Plushie

Linguini Manes © 2013 Dr. Cob All Rights Reserved are back baby! 

A while back, Alicorn Twilight in Funrise's office was one of the sparks for Alicorn Twilight speculation. With Hub's press release today, it looks as if she can finally be unvailed. Looks as if they're shooting for a Fall 2013 Release. 

Big thanks to DHN for getting this Scoop!

New JanAnimation... er, Animation!

Is that a screenshot from the show? Nope, just a screen from an admittedly brief (awww....) animation by god and almighty savior of moving ponies. Check it out after the break.

Assorted Entertaining Media

Some stuff that's lingering around on my list.
So I just throw it at you.
There's a nice PMV, the new issue of the Equestria Inquirer and a few mute flash/gif animations.

Temporary satisfaction and fun after the break.

Mega Music Post

Giant white borders...
A whole bunch of music this afternoon.
Delta Brony -- King Sombra (Euro Darkness Mix) -- Crossover
Coconeru -- Weather Machine -- Steampunk Orchestral
GatoPaint -- Loyalty (Cover) -- Vocal Rock
Assertive Fluttershy -- Boooring (Cub3x Remix) -- Melodic Dubstep
The Combine -- Pilot Light (feat. Feather) -- Vocal Dance
Luceds -- Far from Home -- Orchestral
Legendary -- Legends Box - Deserted Hope -- Ambient
M Pallante -- Army of the Night -- Vocal Rock

Embeds where they always are

Fighting is Magic - Fluttershy Character Showcase

So, the Mane6 team is close to finalize the work on Fluttershy as a playable character in their Fighting is Magic game. Apparently it was a little tough to make her the way they wanted her to be.
She's shy, after all.

Find some information on why the process was different from the other ponies and more on their website.
There's also a short showcase video of her gameplay as well as a timelapse of the making of her Splash Art, which you can see above.
I took the freedom to put the embedded showcase video after the break as well.

Turnabout Storm 4/4

The big  ol' 4 is up for Turnabout Storm! And yet I still haven't watched this series yet! After you finish the video you can throw rocks at me! After the page break of course.

Comic: The Examby / Mirror of Desire / Twilight the First (spoilers?) / Dr.Fluttershy

This header... has killed my ghost. (In a good way)

Swat's soul is here! I'm lucky to have survived the pink explosions in that Polypony video.

Anyway, it's time for some of those comics so "Break on through to the other side!" of this page break...

Lauren Speaks

So, it seems everyone and their dog (or cat, we accept all kinds here) is talking about the season finale. Even Lauren Faust has something to say. See it after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #152

I'm sick of news.
If you're not absorbed in them too much, look at some good ol' art.

After the break.

Revelation of the Season 3 finale

Entertainment Weekly exclusively published information about what will happen in the Season 3 finale.
Meghan McCarthy gave some insights, so it's 100% confirmed to be reliable.
If you want to know...
Hit the article on EW for all the spoilers.
And also hit The Hub's tweet if you want to be really really sure.

Any opinions? Drop them in the comments.
Oh, and by the way.... There are five pages in EW's article. Links at the bottom of page 1.

Random Morning Stuff

Up above is GabuEx's strangest PMV ever. Below the break we have some images of early drafts of a page of the official comic from Andy Price (you can also find them here and here). Perhaps they offer a bit of insight into the development of the comics, and of course, they look good.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Nightly Megathread #120

You're probably asking yourself why they aren't using magic. Obviously, it's more fun to use the more complicated approach.

Comics: PONIES!!! - 29/ Allons-y/ Friendship Is... Worth Fighting For

Fluttershy doesn't even appear in these commics? Even so.
Three new comics.
One is ridiculous, one is adventurous and one... autonomously re-evaluates your virtuousness.

Continue after the break

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #151

I used to be alive, now I feel pathetic
And now I get it, what's done is done
You just leave it alone and don't regret it

Even though we had a new episode with other pairings, like Rainbow & Tank, there's still a surprising amount of new Fluttershy & Discord drawings. Can't beat that... Best villain and best pony.
Medium sized Artsy today. I don't feel like waiting any longer. Even EqD got theirs up and FPLOON stole my schedule.
So feel the déjà vu and...
...enjoy some art after the break.

Thorough Analyzation of "Keep Calm and Flutter On"

After browsing youtube for a while I came across DigibronyMLP's "thorough analyzation" of Keep Calm and Flutter On. It was refreshingly complex and well made, so I thought I'd share. Find it below!

PMV: Polypony [PonyDub]

Well, Swat would've made this post, but he's currently dead due to an overabundance of Pinkie.

This PMV is so great that it deserves a giant header in a solo post.
Rabies Bun made another one of his PonyDub videos. Needless to say, it's stunning.
Sliced pink vocals all the way to a catchy D'n'B song.
You know you want it. Find it here or watch the...

Embedded video after the break.

Mashup: Waiting for the Pwny Anthem/ Wingboner is Running Out (Scootaloose Mix)/ THE SEED (Babs Seed Remix)/ Past Life As We Know It/ Apologize Your Waifu

Get up on your feet, tear down the walls.
Catch a glimpse of the hollow world.
Snooping 'round will get you nowhere.
You're locked up in your mind...

We got a Archie V. mashup from s2jdfgs, a Brony mashup remix between DJPoniver and Omnipony by Scootaloose, a "non-mashup" mashup remix of Babs Seed by New Heaven, an Alex S. mashup from BobbyBronie, and an "obvious" Pony Waifu mashup also from s2jdfgs...

1. Archie V. vs. Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for the Pwny Anthem
2. Wingboner is Running Out (Scootaloose Mix)
3. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (MLP) Remix | THE SEED (Babs Seed Remix) by New Heaven
4. [Mashup] Past Life As We Know It
5. FiMFlamFilosophy vs. One Republic ft. Timbaland - Apologize Your Waifu

Music: The Shield is Collapsing/ Twilight Venture VI/ City in the Sky/ ViFFeX Loves RickSatan972

I know you're fond of music... Don't deny it and kiss already.
First we have an Orchestral piece of the Antipodes Soundtrack by MindKog that is going to be finished soon. Apparently.
Next is a new calming part of SherbetSix's Twilight Venture series. It's part VI already. I wonder how many there will be...
And then there is... Ermahgerd, it's Evening Star. Soothing piano and synths ahead.
As a bonus, have a ridiculous one. ViFFeX made a rewrite of the Ballad of the Crystal Empire. Dedicated to the famous RickSatan972. Seriously... Listen to it...

Embeds after the break.

PMV: Six/ Colors/ Flim Flam Jam (Unexpected Rhythms of Equestria - Ep.3)

We got three PMVs that are worth your viewing pleasure... We got two visually stunning PMVs (each in their own right) from BronyVids and DynamicSeagull and another episode of "Unexpected Rhythms of Equestria" from TheDanielsaur...

1. Six [PMV]
2. [Mini-PMV] Colors
3. Flim Flam Jam (Unexpected Rhythms of Equestria - Ep.3)

Why did no one tell me??

Let's Get Serious!

Yes... I am excited for the next Pokémon game(s)...

>Has two videos
>Tries to pull off a Mike
>Pony Shrug?

But, seriously, these two videos are worth the watching...

The first one is a sneak peak of the next Friendship is Witchcraft, which I'm pretty sure there are A LOT of you who have been waiting for the next episode... You know who you are... *points towards the obvious*

The second is the HotDiggedyDemon panel at ANIMATE! Miami... Hear the creator of the .MOV series answer questions, make jokes, and more... (May contain [some] language...)

(Each of these videos I saw twice before posting...)

Good Morning...

Okay... So, I was in the middle of setting up another mashup post for later today or something... and these three videos sort of stood out to me... The first video uses the standard "Anthology"-esque clipping (where I got every reference that was presented...), the second video is basically a three-way mashup with the original song and two different videos (one is a YTPMV), and the third video is basically a 40 minute mix of Brony music from TeiThePony to SoGreatandPowerful...

So, good morning and enjoy...

(Note: These videos were found while I was searching for mashups...)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nightly Megathread #119

Happy endings. I love happy endings, don't you? Who doesn't want to live happily ever after? Nightly ahoy, just beyond the break

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #150

Now face your fear
While your heart is still broken
Ignore the pain it will never heal
Confusing force for its final illusion
Dream on that this life is for real

Did you think I'd leave without an Artsy today?

Get it after the break.

Just For Sidekicks Episode Review

Between the Alicorn rumors, Discord appearances, and Trixie returns, Season 3 has definitely been a season dominated by "hype."  So, what does a quiet episode about Spike opening a makeshift babysitting service have to offer?  Quite a bit, actually.  So, if it's not too late for you, follow me on past the break for a glimpse at the wonderful world of my opinion...

Brony Thank You Fund Wants Volunteer Staff

Are you in the giving mood, but just donating money isn't quite scratching that generous itch?  Also, coincidentally, are you in the mood to travel?  Or meet voice actors and show staff?  Well, if all of that sounds good to you, you may want to volunteer for the brony thank you fund.  The program is currently looking for candidates to serve as regional directors to the fund.  For more information, hit up the original Round Stable article here.

Mega Music Post

Now this is a Mega Post. *nods*
So, Have a summary of what to expect:
As you surely know, SoGreatandPowerful released a new song. If you need any more information on this one, you also need to re-evaluate your life...
Second: A song with 80's Pop sound by Mush. Featuring Pinkie.
Third: Another one of these fast-paced Touhou-style songs by Deltabrony.
Fourth: A calm Instrumental song by Zykrath. Piano, bells, slow synth... Very relaxing.
Fifth: Epic Instrumental by Legendary. It reminds me of music from Unreal Tournament...
Sixth: Retrotype's remix of Sim Gretina's "Small Wings". Actually similar to the original.
Seventh: Instrumental music by David Larsen. Could be a soundtrack. And actually is supposed to be narrative.
Eighth: Sonic Rainboom's extensive remix of Sim Gretina's and MEMJ's "Dear Luna". A slightly dark sound, occasional glitched vocals, a rhythmic pace. Very interesting.