Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Comic: The Examby / Mirror of Desire / Twilight the First (spoilers?) / Dr.Fluttershy

This header... has killed my ghost. (In a good way)

Swat's soul is here! I'm lucky to have survived the pink explosions in that Polypony video.

Anyway, it's time for some of those comics so "Break on through to the other side!" of this page break...

The Exam by *CzudakX

The multiple reasons on why this makes sense is astounding...

Mirror of Desire by ~Verzi-9

Swat speculation: I bet it was Celestia...

Twilight the First (spoilers?) by *Karzahnii

"A princess I must be,
for the writers have forsaken me!
Maybe somday DHX will be free
from Hasbro's tyranny!"

(Swatteam is still surprisingly neutral about all this.)

Dr.Fluttershy by ~Zztfox

At some point these all eventually have to become there own games...

It's a requirement.