Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nightly Megathread #94

There are tons of animations here, along with other goodies, so come on down |and party below the break|

Poll Results: Spike At Your Service Rating

You voted and your results are here. Most of you said Good to Average, and 6 on either side saying otherwise. |head past the break for more|

Music: Dreams/ The Perfect Stallion (Remix)/ Reception (Art of the Dress Remix)/ Getting Dirty

More music! This time we have an instrumental, two remixes, and some dubstep. See them after the break.

  1. TheDashDub - Dreams
  2. IdemandoChris - The Perfect Stallion ( Idemand Remix n Stuff )
  3. TripleBlueShell - Reception (Art of the Dress Remix)
  4. Constep - Getting Dirty

Thanks to SleepToFade for sending these in!

Discussion: Mapping the Fandom

This discussion today is a discussion with a purpose, an experiment, and hopefully the beginning of a potentially useful resource for everyone. The prompt is simple: gather all the URLs of all the brony sites you can think of. These will be compiled into a list which can be used for in newsgrabber programs like Website Watcher, and hopefully searchable/browsable within reasonable limitations.

Long ago, near the start of the Brony Community, it was possible to know everything that went on. But as the community grew, that became more and more challenging. Hopefully this resource will help that be possible once again.

And heck, to make it more entertaining, why not mention and compare your favorites to the favorites of others. You just might learn of an awesome site you've overlooked.

Mreaow Cat Fight!!

So I'm sure by now you've probably seen EqD's article about the recent Youtube takedowns. Well the folks at DHN made a far more detailed, level-headed article which went for the most part ignored... and they kinda got mad. It made Discord lol.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #109

I've always wondered why it hurts so much to do push-ups as a pony... I mean, they walk on all fours. Hm.
Go past the break of more art.

Comcis: A Lot

Fanart - MLP. My Little Pony Logo - Octavia by ~jamescorck

This probably should've been used for a music post. Well too bad! I do what I want. Comics after the break.

Music:Hearth's Warming Eve 2012 Mix #1/ Hearth's Warming Eve 2012 Mix #2/ Happy New Year 2013

We have 2 mixes and and instrumental a celebrating the "ending of our periodic time cycle." (Mike) See them after the break!
  1. Hearth's Warming Eve 2012 Mix #1- CHANG3LING
  2. Hearth's Warming Eve 2012 Mix #2- CHANG3LING
  3. Happy New Year 2013-  Orion Melody

Flash: Scent of a Pony

Here we have a sad and moving scene from "Scent of a Woman," PONIFIED!
See it here!