Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nightly Megathread #81

Alright, Radio... Your To-Do list is almost complete... They're just a couple more things on here (with the exception of that one thing, unfortunately), and I'm done until you get back from Hawaii...

In the meantime, the rest of you can enjoy this header this NM after the break...

Mixed media : Derpy Shake / Rainbow Dash's Cloud Dodging Fun / The Exorcism of Pinkamena Diane Pie / Twilight Sparkle Meets Absentia

Have some mixed media. We got a nice little animation featuring Derpy, a trailer for an upcoming RD game, a comic dub featuring the pokemon master, Pinkie Pie. and a really freaky Twilight vid. Watch em' after the break!

Comics : Applejack Shines! / Duty Calls / Sticky Situation / Dash Academy / Just a Thought

Have some comics. We got the only thing standing in the way of an AJ episode, more of Luna's job, the conclusion of perv Twi, another installment of Dash Academy, and some deep thought Pinkie. Read em' after the break!

Hub Carolers

It seems the Hub is getting into the holiday spirit. They have released a very festive caroling video, and of course it is featuring some new vocals from the ponies. Go past the break to watch it!

Interesting Tweets from Sibsy.

  Just wanted to make a quick post about this. Seems Sibsy has been making some interesting Tweets as of late. Does she know something we don't!? Oh wait, of course she does. Anyways, let your speculation run wild as we get info on the last half of season 3. Go here for the tweets.

Las Pegasus Unicon Holding T-Shirt Fundraiser For Charity

   Las Pegasus Unicon  is preparing a limited edition run of T-shirts to help benefit the College View School, the preferred charity of show writer Amy Keating Rogers.. Only 250 shirts will be made, and they will be signed by Amy Keating Rogers. The proceeds from the shirt sale benefit the school. You must order them before Chrsitmas, and you do not have to attend the con to receive one—just mention that you cannot attend and it will be mailed to you instead. You can find more information on their charity support page. Las Pegasus Unicon is on February 22-24 at the Riviera in Las Vegas, Nevada. Go past the break for the full press release. 

Plushies and Customs #13


You know what? I'm setting aside my grudge against Derpy for the holidays. Merry Christmas Derpy!

Toon Zone Reviews MLP

Toon Zone has reviewed the Season 1 DVD of MLP. They start by explaining what sets it apart from other shows for little girls, and how it manages to make many overused scenarios and archetypes work. The author speaks from an unbiased view, rather he takes a more analytical approach. In the end, he even makes a nod towards the fandom itself.Overall, it's a pretty fair and praising review

See it here or after the break.

PMV: Pony Trek Into Darkness / Welcome Magic / Someday at Christmas

Ha, like saying "No." would stop her...
If this post was a cupcake Pinkie would eat it. And then Rarity would be mad and Pinkie would be all like "Don't care, it was delicious!" ...hmm that sounds accurate.

Star Trek ponies trailer, a Brother Bear 2 song PMV,and a Michelle Creber PMV.

1.) Pony Trek Into Darkness
2.) Welcome Magic (PMV)
3.) [PMV] Someday at Christmas (Michelle Creber)

Comics : / A Crytal Question / Party Pals / WonderBolt Academy / The Facts of Life

Have some comics. We got the true purpose of the Crystal empire, the best party around, RD at the Wonderbolts Academy, and some BIG questions. Read em' after the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Post #95

Swatteam here to look in between the lines of a random pic from the Artsy and he found this one.
I'm just gonna say it right here that this is all suppose to represent how Pinkie is the center of attention erryday! That or they're all just being cute. I'm going with both!

Music: Trixie Work / Princess of the Night / Been Dreamin' (You'll See Me) / Spring / Against All Odds

A Vinyl Scratch header, because it is somehow related to music... (personally I don't believe the mainstream society...)

Epic voice splicin' Liquid DnB, an instrumental of Luna, dubstepish voice splicing, a cover of JackleApp - Spring, and an instrumental for Scootaloo!

1.) Trixie work in progressssssseseseseess
2.) Princess of the Night (By TheDashDub)
3.) Yourenigma - Been Dreamin' (You'll See Me)
4.) GatoPaint - Spring ( Cover )
5.) Neighsayer - Against All Odds [Instrumental]

BronyCon: The Documentary to Feature Original Song by Tara Strong / Plus Release Date

   BronyCon: The Documentary is A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Some new info has recently been released about it. It has been announced Tara Strong has created and recorded an original song. “Take My Hand” is the title and it will be part of the credit bed of the film. It’s very good and very hard to get out of your head.
    Also, a release date of January 12th for the digital download has been announced. The Blu-ray disc will then be manufactured and should be ready to ship in February.  The film is now available for pre-order purchase for a modest price as a digital download via In February, the Blu-ray disc will be available to the public via and They will also be submitting for approvals to appear on iTunes, Netflix and other popular services. 

Go here for the complete update on the documentary, here for the main website, or go past the break for the video on the doc. 

Tons of New Merch at We Love Fine

We Love Fine has increased their selection on pony merch once again, this time with a huge selection of shirts, a Luna bag and a RD fleece scarf hat. It's a scarf AND a hat. So it keeps your head warm, while also keeping your neck warm. What a combo!! Anyway, they added so many shirts, I couldn't fit them all on the first part of the post. Go past the break to see the rest or go here to get in on the new merch. More after the break!

Game: Pit Ponies

   Don't you hate when this happens? One minute, you fall asleep after the Nightly Megathread... and then the next minute, you find yourself stuck in a pit... In a homage to those classic text games (like Dracula), you get to type in your command as you find a way out of this pit. This is an interactive text adventure There are many endings. You can find them all (and small hints to the three secret endings) by using the "spoilers" command in the game. Click here to play.