Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BronyCon: The Documentary to Feature Original Song by Tara Strong / Plus Release Date

   BronyCon: The Documentary is A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Some new info has recently been released about it. It has been announced Tara Strong has created and recorded an original song. “Take My Hand” is the title and it will be part of the credit bed of the film. It’s very good and very hard to get out of your head.
    Also, a release date of January 12th for the digital download has been announced. The Blu-ray disc will then be manufactured and should be ready to ship in February.  The film is now available for pre-order purchase for a modest price as a digital download via In February, the Blu-ray disc will be available to the public via and They will also be submitting for approvals to appear on iTunes, Netflix and other popular services. 

Go here for the complete update on the documentary, here for the main website, or go past the break for the video on the doc.