Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nightly Megathread #20

Get your pitchforks and riot gear ready. We're watching Twilight tonight! Woohoo, Trig's favorite movie series! Don't worry, it's a modified version. EQM's coverage on the movie's premiere after the break.

Sean Astin Confirmed for Bronisim!

You shall not pony!
You shall not pass!

We have another brony in our midst, and his name is Sean Astin from The Lord of The Rings. And who of all people got him to admit it - Tara Strong. Yes, the brony queen strikes again. She's working harder than all of you guys! What was that? Pics or it didn't happen? Boom! And the actual transformation can be found here.

Now that we have claimed another, what celebrity would you be most pleased to see become a brony? Morgan Freeman perhaps? James Madison? Sound off in the comments below!

Musical Music: Equestrian Space - Solar Empire at the plains of war / The Falling Leaves / Equestrian Girls (PhonyBrony Remix) / Faithful and Strong (Bonus Track) - It Gets Better /

Changetavia needs to be canon.
Changetavia by *Scramjet747

Oh god this is frightening. If something like this were to happen to the mane six maybe we would have an actual villain on our hands. However, Octavia's current state hasn't affected the community's music. Proof of that after the break.

News: My Fox Houston Reports on Bronies (that's us)

Reporting for duty by *coldbologna

Looks like we're getting some additional publicity today. My Fox Houston has done a report on a brony meet-up type event, and it's quite unbiased and positive, which is always a relief. Now excuse me while I go report on this report of MFH's report. Oh yeah, and you can find it here.

Trailer: Wreck-It Mac

Image by Cartuneslover16
"Ralph, you are bad guy, but that doesn't mean you are bad guy..."

Comic Post #15: Cannon / Discord's Costumes / Twilight's First Day #1

Fluffy Derpy by *spordosporso

IT'S SO FLUFFE!! Though I'm not sure how she's going to managing getting off the ground. Comically entities after the break. 

Flash : Pokapoka Twi y bro / PMV : The Trotting Dead | MLP: Friendship Is Magic

Slow day today, so have a wacky combo. First is a really strange flash with Twi and Shining, the other is a cool PMV of the opening of the Walking Dead. >WARNING!< Saucy moment of Queen Chrysalis in PMV. Go here for the flash. Go past the break for the PMV.

PMV: ℛiot GirL./ [MINI PMV] Sweetie Belle/ I am not Afraid

Chrysalis seems happy this morning. Surrender your love to her and the creators of these PMVs.

MEGA music post #6

If some of you are still tired, then go and listen to some music to kick start your day! Like always, watch em after the break.

1.)  General Mumble - The Stare Master
2.) Tonight (Collab ft. NightmareSnake)
3.) Arcenciel (Redux) - Glitchhog & Koroshi-Ya
4.) Rainbow Dash Pony Disaster OST: Day
5.) Luna's Serenade (aka "Hey Big Sister")
6.) With Poise With Anger Remix
7.) GatoPaint - Evil queen Chrysalis (Instrumental) [ Original ]
8.) Octavia Meets Lyra (THIRD ALBUM TRACK)
9.) Dork [Extended]

VFX are magic [PMV]

As you might notice from the title, this PMV has many effects added to it. It is pretty intense, especially with all the lighting and fire effects. Definitely give it a watch after the break.