Friday, December 21, 2012

Nightly Megathread #83

Not a Pinkie header to celebrate the end of this day? Shh the end might still be coming.

Well if your reading this and I'm reading this, then it means those silly Mayan's were just really paranoid. On another related note to being paranoid, all the people hiding in bunkers can come out now...

After the break you can enjoy a nice cup o' eggnog, some cookies, a lil' romantic music if you happen to be with anyone right now *eyebrow waggle*, and a happy, non-deadly, desolate-free, NM/universe.

Comics: King Sombra - In the Dark of the Night / Kindergarten Days 23 / Lunchroom Gossip / A Shocking Revelation / End Times

I'm sorta developing this head canon after seeing this image that changelings like to feed on actual hearts, not love. Ick. Comics after the heart-break!

Shining Armor Says Goodnight

Another Friday night, another X says Goodnight. This week joining Pinkie is Shining Armor. Go here to
see Twi's big brother trying to embarrass his little sister.

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony

   Some of you may have already watched the brony doc trailer a few days ago. After an hour of it being up, it was asked by the makers of brony doc to be taken down. They wanted the trailer be released early to only those who had backed the project. But now the trailer has been "officially" released to the public. I have a feeling this documentary is going to be great.

Animation : Derpy's Christmas

If this doesn't put a smile on your face and a warm glow inside, I don't know what will. I'm am sure we will get more Christmas vids as we get closer, but until then, this animation takes the cake. Watch it after the break!

Random Media : Rainbow Dash's Precious Book / iPony Ad / Pinkie's Mailbox / Random Bronyness / lyra adventure / Cupcakes Movie

   Have some random media. We got some more really funny ponies IRL, the new Ipony Ad, Pinkies scary mailbox, some random funny Scoots, Lyra's adventure, and Cupcakes the Movie. Watch em' after the break!

The Wallpaper Show

Current wallpaper right now...
Good evening, everypony... and welcome to another "Wallpaper Show"... As you will see past the break  you'll see some interesting and/or exquisite wallpapers that will make your desktop have class, swag, and style like nopony's business. So, what are you waiting for? You don't need VIP to see the whole show...

Fanfic: And Awkward Day

Comedy Alternate Universe

Three hundred years ago, Equestria almost invaded the peaceful and idyllic nation of Cavallia, the homeland of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.
The invasion would have been accidental.
It was quite awkward.

This is a great example of why countless politicians are complete idiots.
Read it here

Mashup: Rainbow Factory Duet/ one BAD APPLE!!/ Love Me Cheerilee Duet/ Set Fire to Ponyville/ Hooves Up Higher And Higher (Psycosis Bootleg Remix)

I think she did know the truth about doomsday...

Maybe I'm crazy~
Maybe I'm a slave to my old self
I'd rather be crazy~
Than share you with somebody else

We got duet mashups for "Rainbow Factory" and "Love Me, Cheerliee", Touhou, the mashup I played post-doomsday, and (as an added bonus) a bootleg remix of a mashup between Silva Hound and Passion Pit...

I would mashup the pagebreak, but it would be pointless now...

1. Rainbow Factory Duet (Gyro Mashup Feat. Woodentoaster and PKemi)
2. PC-98 "one BAD APPLE!!" (mlp:fim + touhou 4)
3. Love Me Cheerilee Duet (Gyro mashup Feat. Thelivingtombstone and Mandopony)
4. The Living Tombstone vs. Adele - Set Fire to Ponyville
5. Hooves Up Higher And Higher (Psycosis Bootleg Remix)

Seeds of Kindness 2: Show Writers and More – Charity Livestream with Donation Matching

   Did you enjoy A Friend in Deed as much a we did? Hurricane Fluttershy was a season highlight, right? Wasn’t Too Many Pinkie Pies a sheer explosion of surprises even when you watched it twice? And how about beautiful singing, funny accents, and maybe even apples? Then tune in this Saturday, December 22, 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. EST (11 p.m. to 5 a.m. UTC) to a grand Bronies for Good and EverFree Radio charity livestream.

  The people over at Bronies for Good are putting on another charity livestream this weekend.
Some of the guests include Amy Keating Rogers, Cindy Morrow, Dave Polsky, Michelle Creber, Forest Rain, Icky, MandoPony, Sprocket Doggingsworth, and The Living Tombstone

  All donations will benefit Bronies for Good’s current Seeds of Kindness project to build the orphanage in Uganda.

Go past the break for the full press release.

Music: She's a Vampire N-TYPE / Beyond Her Garden / Give me YOUR remix wishes / Spike's Spirit

 Blrlrlrl we've got ohh~ everything you need! We've got Vinyl/Octavia reverse singing techno, some...oooh some jazz of beyond Her Garden *slides out of chair* nyaah~, 174UDSI asking YOU what he should rem- YES YOU IN THE FRONT ROW! What he should remix. It's also got Pinkie dancing in a banana suit... I honestly don't need to explain it further than that. And uhhh- OOH! AND WE'VE GOT CHIPTUNE FOR SPIKE!

1.) She's a Vampire N-TYPE (ft. Cyril, Jessi, and Eile)
2.) [SaxBrony] Beyond Her Garden - Sax Cover
3.) Give me YOUR remix wishes
4.) Spike's Spirit [Original MLP Chiptune]

Comics: A Little Horse / Pegagifts / HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THESE THINGS? / Cataclysm / december 21, 2012

Lightning Dust by *Lenbow

Oh mah gerd! Lightning Durst is gonna derstroy mah comics! Quickly tap the respective buttons so you can view them before she shatters their comicalness!

The Hub's Naughty or Nice Awards (Promo)

The Votes are in! The Hub is counting your votes so be sure to tune this Saturday, December 22 starting at 12pm ET / 9am PT to see who is the naughtiest and nicest of 2012! 

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #97

Hello everyone! This post was made at 11:00 PM yesterday. If you are reading this, the world has not ended 1 hour after this post's completion through the time this was posted. Everyone rejoice! Another Artsy coming your way!

Trevor Devall Interviewed by EFN

A, for the time being, lesser known MLP voice actor is finally getting his proper interview after doing an incredible job voicing both Iron Will and Fancy Pants. Check out the full interview after the break.

Welovefine Adds Even More Shirts


Welovefine has released yet more shirts, which you can find here. Amongst the new designs are crystal ponies, 8-bit ponies, and more Luna shirts. A couple clever ones today; I wonder what the next "Dumb Fabric" shirt will be... There are a few more pictures after the break.

They never said how it would end

Even though our world was spared, it seems Equestria may not of been so lucky. Past the break you will see the last moments of Equestria caught on film.

Applejack Family Reunion preview on Entertainment Weekly

The weekly spoiler from Entertainment weekly has just popped up. Go here to watch it, or wait a little while longer till the youtube video shows up. You can also go past the break for EW's weekly spoiler pic.

Update! Youtube video below break!