Friday, December 21, 2012

Nightly Megathread #83

Not a Pinkie header to celebrate the end of this day? Shh the end might still be coming.

Well if your reading this and I'm reading this, then it means those silly Mayan's were just really paranoid. On another related note to being paranoid, all the people hiding in bunkers can come out now...

After the break you can enjoy a nice cup o' eggnog, some cookies, a lil' romantic music if you happen to be with anyone right now *eyebrow waggle*, and a happy, non-deadly, desolate-free, NM/universe.

How to prepare for apocalypse...

Swatteam and Pinkie do it the only way they know how. Pinkie looks awesome and just stands there while Swat foams at the mouth from the sight...

Alright, now first order of the 21st...


Alright now the point of this... right right... *looks through giant scroll* Uhhhhh- oh right!
Now the first order of this disappointing apocalypse outcome is: There were no ponies invading, I regret to inform you of that.

2nd: Due to the lack of human extinction, there is still no possible way to recreate the Fallout games and live an extremely fun life in a wasteland... I know, the depressing fact hit me like a brick too.

3rd: Luckily no fires anywhere! ... Pay no attention to that down ther- you know what, forget I even mentioned it- MOVING ON!

Pulpit rock

Alright, now the DD news broadcast is over. You can now go back to your regularly scheduled Nightly Megathread... MIND THE FIRES!
Awoken on Floffy Woppy Drivle Drives

Well you wanted music to dance to... don't look at me, I'm not in control of post apocalyptic music. Besides, it's done expertly. *fiddles with Pip-Boy*

This song can only get more better on drives that are floppy. This proves it!

Double Rainbow Dash

You don't have any idea, video creator? Oh I beg to differ...

"Well SOMEONE had to."  That line is so true that I now feel a G.I. Joe ref coming on...
And remeber kids, honesty is half the battle!
Narrator: G.I. CAPTAINALLIANCE! A real meme hero!

Is it warm in here?

Pulpit rock

Hmmm maybe it's just me... I think that fire I mad- err that came out of nowhere is getting worse...

A Very Sibsy Christmas

ACR, what ye doin'?

Too much o' the ol' eggnog I take it, arharharrhar~! *pops cork and drinks eggnog* ...Well, I don't blame him.

The apocalypse didn't really go as planned...

Well the world didn't die... but nothing happened either... I can't really say which I wanted to happen (How insane of me right?), but I do know this: If a bunch of dead people waving around a magic calendar that has fortune telling capabilities for Earth actually came true, I might as well take out my calendar and pick a random date for when Pinkie breaks every wall and destroys the universe right now.

sadly it didn't happen... *puts away calendar* no Pinkie apocalypse today it seems. "How depressing."
It'd probably end like this for me anyway...

You know if you don't think of it as a reflection, it looks like their is little Pinkie's in my head instead. Scaringly accurate either way you look at it!

a world destroyed by an over abundance of cuteness, happiness, laughter, pink, cuteness, ponies, magic (*snort snort*), physics breaking, and Pinkie's general amazingness...

Actually that doesn't sound too bad, let's look for something else... uh hundreds of Pinkie's looking into my gas mask! Hmm that boils down to me still wearing it... still sounds good though...

Well... I think I have my preferred armageddon down now.

I dunno what kinda world death would you want to see if you had to choose? Would you want an apocalypse to actually happen? Have I been talking too much in this NM!? Does end of the world predictions make me even MORE talkative!? Will I ever stop talking?!

TL;DR: What kind of apocalypse would you want to see?

 Um... maybe I should evacuate the blog...

 "Hmmm, nah!" I would hate to wake them up from their cozy slumber for some silly out of control fire in our shelter. I'll wake them in the morning. *goes back to sleep*
...Wait what's that noise...? OH, DARN IT, PYRO! GET OUTTA HERE!