Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nightly Megathread #132

FPLOON: This header is dedicated to the ladies... *winks* You're welcome...
Joseph Houser: *chuckles* Too bad none of the "ladies" care about you that way...
FPLOON: *groans* You're not going to let the poll results go, are you?
Joseph Houser: *a la Big Mac* Nope...

FPLOON: Anyway, have your "hot and ready" Nightly Megathread after the cardboard break...

Even more music

If you thought there wasn't any music left after the Megapost this morning, you were wrong.

AdamTh3Walker -- Make Some Time to Close Your Eyes (Vocal Cover by Steven, A.D.) -- Rap
GatoPaint -- AppleJack Stage Theme ( Cover )  -- Rock Cover
GaugeN -- Octavia's Challenge - Round 2 -- Instrumental Piano
Lunatra -- Flight -- Dubstep [ with Fluttershy Vocals x3 ]
Michael Pallante -- Somepony Sing -- Vocal Rock
Nicolas Dominique -- Hope -- Ambient Trance
Sethex -- Not Enough Wonder -- Glitch Hop [ More Fluttershy Vocals *yay* ]

Mystery Brushable Pony Spotted

MLP News has discovered a strange anomaly among Toys R Us exclusives - a yellow mare with orange hair (holy crap Imma rhyming). She's no doubt not Spitfire, as with the lack of wings and all. The paper masquerade hat with a sun on it is also quite curious.

Do you guys think she's just another mane six recolor for a false sense of variety or maybe a new character? She's seems pretty unique to not be. More images below!

Demo Video for new toy

One of the new toys is interactive. The first one with the cable from our previous post. It talks, moves its head, glows... And is generally... special.
Stitchkingdom uploaded a demo video of it. See it here or after the break.
Also, post your thoughts on it in the comments.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #163

Devastating news and changes everywhere, but the art remains.
I mean... C&D orders aren't used on artists, right?... Right?...

Updates on EQLA

Equestria LA released some news concerning hotel room rates and the streaming policy.
With the latter not being the case this year.
Hit The Round Stable's article or read a copy-pasta right here after the break.

MLP Comic Issue #4: Hot Topic exclusive cover

Hot Topic opened pre-order for their exclusive variant cover of the official comic's fourth issue.
After the Dynamic Forces cover variant, I have no idea how these are related. But it's an awesome cover anyway.
A larger preview and of course the chance to pre-order are over here at their site.

Reminder: Coronation Concert Event

Just a friendly reminder in case you forgot about it. The show starts in... Well, 10 minutes from now.
Tune in if you can. Or not, apparently.
Oh, and there's a preview of the stage. Find it after the break.

EDIT: The ten minutes are over. It started. Also, have a very nice picture of the Coronation Concert's poster.

Comics: Twilight's Ascension: Production/ MLP Lest We Forget [SPOILER]/ Campfire Stories/ Alicornication/ Trixie, the hero/ Walking through walls/ Dreams and Reality

You're doing it right. Stare at Derpy for a while and then go read some comics.

Mega Music Post #OMGWTFBBQ

This music post is so awesome it's got a flash-animated thing as a header! (source)

Simply vast amount of songs today: I recommend listening to them in the background while doing other productive things, as I will probably do. Find them after the break!

Fan Favorite Ponies Added to the Toy Line


There's a new sneak peek of one of the upcoming toys on the MLP facebook page.
It's a very clear shot for the first time after the blurry ones we saw some time ago.
But see for yourself. Hit up the page here or get a look at it after the break.

Update: NEW PON-ES! Check out the new additions after the break straight from MLP's Facebook page.

Fighting is Magic Petition

Remember the cease and desist order Hasbro sent to the Mane6? There is a petition that could possibly allow them continue. Find and sign it here.

Even if the petition somehow works, will the Mane6 themselves want to continue?

Another season 3 finale promo

Can you smell it in the air, people? *sniff* It smells like alicorn transformation...
And if you want to see a little more of the Princess Coronation then head past the break for a spiffy new promo!