Monday, April 22, 2013

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #230 + Comics

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That's one awesome quill...
Have some new art.

Music (4/20/13)

YouTube is unbearable for me today. Hardly get 300kbit/s down on most videos. Or they just don't load at all. 720p buffer.
Also, Overmare's song here is another one that reminds me of something VirtualBrony once made.

174UDSI The Brushie Song (174UDSI Remix) House
3SPIRIT Dashin' Progressive House
AdgeeDash Sun And Moon Progressive Trance
Aviators Heroes (Feat. Bronyfied) Vocal Rock
Blaze & Pipsqueak The Betrayal Vocal Dubstep
D1scordant Eclipse Industrial (kind of)
Delta Brony Mirai Start (Pony Revolution Mix) Eurobeat
Evening Star Octavia Instrumental Strings
eXtaticus Neverending Nightmare - A Song for Princess Luna Eurobeat
ImTheMoon Good Morning, Princess! Acoustic Piano
Overmare Tavi's Dream Instrumental
Resonantwaves Une reflexion sur les diamants Ambient
RisenFromTheDust Wind of Wonders Liquid DnB
VINXIS Babs Trust No One (Ft. Albatross and Risen) Vocal

SGaP + And The Rainfall : Rarity

Yes, this is worth its own post.