Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nightly Megathread #70

Tonight's Nightly Megathread is brought to you by the letter L... and I have no idea why the Scootaloo episode made me want to rewatch Gurren Lagann tomorrow...

The page break stole the word "twenty"!

Writer Corey Powell makes a Twitter Account

Corey Powell, the writer of "Sleepless in Ponyville," has created a Twitter account! Let's give the writer a warm welcome and a pat on the back for the new episode. Check it out here and be sure to follow!

Animtion: Scootaloo's worst nightmare

What is Scootaloo's worst nightmare? Find out after the break,

PMV: The Ultimate Pony Video/You Play to Win the Game/Mad Mares

Alright then, everyone.  It looks like it's time for another round of magical, musical pony videos.  You know the drill, so dive headfirst into the unabashed beauty that is these videos.  

1.) The Ultimate Pony Video
2.) PMV - You Play To Win The Game (Anniversary Special)
3.) Mad Mares (Mad World Parody by Ember) ~ Cover by Feather (PMV)

My Little Pony Fair and Convention 2013

So, anyone ready for another convention?  Looks like the My Little Pony Fair may be coming to a town near you on July 6-7!  Depending on whether you live near Indianapolis, Indiana.  That's, ah, all the information we have for now, but why not check out the official announcement here?
Thank you TRS for the heads up!

Sleepless in Ponyville Follow Up

Another episode, another compilation of screencaps and notes. Go on past the break to see what you may have missed, or just to laugh.

Comics: Princess of the Fright/ Scoots and Dash Part 9/ headless

Row! Row! Fight the power!!

Scootaloo comics off starboard!! Some have some "minor" spoilers, so brace yourself for the funny and "aww"s!!!

Crowdsourced Q&A #2: Babble With Bronies

It is finally time for our second Q&A! ... Actually the first was a while ago , so have a refresher, here and here. Just post your questions for them in the comments and we'll send them to Babble With Bronies to answer!

Started by Elliott and run with the help of Mr Ben, Babble With Bronies is a participatory, nearly weekly web show intended to highlight projects and fan content put together by bronies amongst other news, and serve as an open podium for discussion, entertainment and tomfoolery, where all are welcome. Started in November of last year, BWB has since interviewed many well-known bronies, like Dustykatt, Rina Chan, The folks from Bronystate, Inky Notebook of the Travelling Pony Museum, and others. BWB has grown and changed since it's start on Vokle, and now has it's own little site. (...Makes me wish I knew more HTML already! I really ought to get to it!) Be sure to check out the BWB FAQ and About pages! They answer many of the more general questions already, so that you don't need to ask those things.

But I'm sure you all will think up some really good, creative questions for Elliott and Mr Ben to answer, so when you do, make sure to put 'em in the comments so that they can be answered! (This will be bumped during BWB this afternoon)

Babble with Bronies Episode 31

Time for this week's episode of Babble with Bronies! The show starts in 5 minutes, so get your digital selfs in there! Information after the break. 

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #80

Careful Scoots! Your marshmallow will catch on fire!
 This Artsy is almost completely painted orange and cyan. Check it out after the break.

The Top Ten Pony Videos of November 2012

You guys voted, so here it is. The Top Ten Pony Videos of November 2012! Go past the break to see who won!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Season 3, Episode 6 - Sleepless in Ponyville - 1080p HD

For those who missed it, have the new episode, courtesy of xyro of eqd. Please support the people who made this by buying the episodes. Unless you already bought the itunes pass and are just waiting for them to put it out on the store.

We Love Fine Portrait update

A few days ago we announced some portraits made by KarolPawlinski on We Love Fine. They have once again updated their selection of high quality portraits to choose from. All cost $25, except for the Nightmare Night Zecora, which is $45. Find all this new merchandise here.
Also, a new Zerora T-shirt and it's poster counterpart past the break, also costing $25 each.

Game : Pony Joust

Did you feel that RD was to harsh on Fluttershy during the jousting mach? Now is your chance to get even. Help Fluttershy beat RD in some jousting. The goal is to push your opponent into the mud. First to five wins. Go here to get your game on.