Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sleepless in Ponyville Follow Up

Another episode, another compilation of screencaps and notes. Go on past the break to see what you may have missed, or just to laugh.

Disregard responsibilities, acquire bits

Show Stoppers

Sleepless in Ponyville
Did I ever mention how much I love continuity in a show?

 It seems Granny Smith learns from past mistakes.

I thought vegetable carts got destroyed DURING the chase scene.
But seriously, how do you flip a cart in the middle of an open area.

Scootaloo is the very definition of  "Fall with style".

Not moo, MOVES!

Oh Applebloom, you can never beat a computer at checkers.

RD is having WAY too much fun with those clouds, and Scootaloo approves.

What is that on the back wall? Football plays?

I am loving devious Sweetie Belle

They didn't want to have Rarity block the promo for the greatest show on the Hub.

Damn you Littlest Pet Shop! You are screwing up an awesome face!!!

Aw, there it is. Also, I wonder who that saddle is for.

Dat face

I also like manipulative Sweetie Belle.

Killing bugs is now canon.

Scootaloo is only mildly surprised.

Wow, you make your little sister carry every thing AND you put your cutiemark on your clothing?

Jokes on you, I packed that same amount in this here backpack.

Half of Scootaloo wants to fly, the other half wants to remain canon.

She is pulling that a cart almost ten times her size, UP A  MOUNTAIN! At least it has wheels.
Also, I spot some very awesome sniping spots.

Yep, minecraft

RD is disgusted with Scootaloo's interprative dance moves.

*Chicken sounds*
Ok, since the people who make the show keep on making chicken jokes, I think it is ok for the fandom to make chicken jokes too.

RD is facinated with her leg, Scoot ate some mushrooms, and Sweetie Belle was just told they are at the wrong campsite.

I am more concerned with how they will pack it back up.

I don't even know what to caption this with.

Seriously, this episode proves Sweetie Belle is the best sister in all of Equestria.

Did I mention how I love continuity in a show?

RD the saint

Scootaloo is only mildly disgusted with RD's fart.

RD: You better not snore.
2 minutes later: RD snores.

It's not a tumor.

I guess the wings are on the shoulder now.

And the lights will flicker on and off.

Scoot, didn't your mother teach you not to stare?
I know she has a mole, but seriously.

Slender Luna

I wouldn't be able to sleep either with RD's yodeling.

RD: Is there a bug in here?
What do you think is in the lamp?

Scoota abuse definitely canon.

Sleep is for the weak.

Sweaty belle. Also, Sweetie Belles sure is strong for a regular pony...

Long arm FTW

Remember kids, don't sleep and drive.

It's a me


Dat fish is so funny

Fish face


Scoot killed a fish

She may not be able to fly, but she can sure get up there. Kinda like Luigi.

Looks like the after math of a DBZ fight.

So it looks like the orange spell wears off.

Unicorn magic sure is invasive to personal space.

Sweetie Belle: Welcome to hell.

Ha! Scoot can't even budge it. Do you even lift?

Um, guys?

I wouldn't pick that cave.

Come here Twigs.

Even the Timber Wolves know there is something messed up with Scoot.

AJ: Where is that Scootaloo? 
So there is more that one?

Marshmallows are hard, guys.

Buck this Marshmallow!

Wait! I take that back!

This story is called, "The tale of G 3.5"

Watch out, RD! Gummby is right behind you!!!

AJ: So where is it's brain?
RD: Don't you muddy the issue with you fancy anatomy and physiology.

Sweet revenge.

These ponies enjoy burning stuff WAY too much.

Voice box error

I seriously thought there was a glitch in the video when I first saw this.

Bad sister! Don't use Sweetie Belle as Ursa Major bait!

Mini sonic orange boom.

Luna: I am the princess of the night.
You make it sound like a bad thing.

Luna: It is my duty to go into your dream.
Says who?

Scootaloo touching your computer screen.

This is the second scooter she has lost.

Even Scoot knows this is her last episode.

Don't you think you have spent enough time on the moon, Luna?

Freakin HUGE wing.

So their destination was the runoff of cloudsdale?
I guess it isn't the destination, it's the journey.

Closes to flying Scoot will get for a long time.

Awesome way to end the episode.

Well there you have it. There is only one thing I want to discuss.
Since when could Luna go into dreams? If she could, why did she go all "Nightmare Moon", when she could still spend time with the ponies. And you just know a million weird fics about dreams and Luna will appear.

Rainbow Dash told the same story that Twilight did in "Look Before You Sleep"

Also, Sweetie Belle is best sister.

Post you own screen caps and things you noticed in the comments.

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