Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crowdsourced Q&A #2: Babble With Bronies

It is finally time for our second Q&A! ... Actually the first was a while ago , so have a refresher, here and here. Just post your questions for them in the comments and we'll send them to Babble With Bronies to answer!

Started by Elliott and run with the help of Mr Ben, Babble With Bronies is a participatory, nearly weekly web show intended to highlight projects and fan content put together by bronies amongst other news, and serve as an open podium for discussion, entertainment and tomfoolery, where all are welcome. Started in November of last year, BWB has since interviewed many well-known bronies, like Dustykatt, Rina Chan, The folks from Bronystate, Inky Notebook of the Travelling Pony Museum, and others. BWB has grown and changed since it's start on Vokle, and now has it's own little site. (...Makes me wish I knew more HTML already! I really ought to get to it!) Be sure to check out the BWB FAQ and About pages! They answer many of the more general questions already, so that you don't need to ask those things.

But I'm sure you all will think up some really good, creative questions for Elliott and Mr Ben to answer, so when you do, make sure to put 'em in the comments so that they can be answered! (This will be bumped during BWB this afternoon)