Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nightly Megathread #53

by *Scramjet747

Hello and welcome to the best nightly of your life, we've got stories to tell, treats to be had, feature presentations to show, games, rides, and much much more... |Don't just stand there, go after the break|

SFM: Rainbow Dash Sings / Stop the hate - Derpy / SUNSHINE

We got some fairly short SFM's but still relatively good.
Rainbow Dash sings, Scout speaking about bronies, and some Twi and Cadence being cute in SFM style.

PMV: Lovesong // › Linoy I miss you '♥/ Stay in my Memory/ Will the real Pinkie Pie please stand up?

Okay... Before you check out the PMVs after the break, I'm going to warn you about the last one for two reasons...

>It is the uncensored version of the song...
>Between :54 and :57 of the PMV, which involves Mrs. Cake/Mayor Mare and is censored, should not be taken seriously...

You have been advised beforehand...

1. Pmv: Lovesong // › Linoy I miss you '♥
2. (PMV) Stay in my Memory
3. Will the real Pinkie Pie please stand up?(Slim shady PMV)
*click here for censored song version of 3*

Plushies and Customs #5

Oh look. Plushieception. We need to go deeper. More pony crafts after the break.

EFR: Stay Brony my Friends- Meghan McCarthy interview

Dusty Katts has interviewed one of FIM's beloved writers; Meghan McCarthy. See it after the break.

"One Bad Apple" preview clip

The Hub has just posted a preview of episode 4. If you don't want any spoilers, don't watch. Go after the break for the preview!

French VA of Rarity Attending GalaCon

Julie Basecqz, the French voice actor for Rarity, will be one of the featured guests in Europe's GalaCon! Y

Copypasta from the GalaCon press corps:
"Have you ever wondered what Rarity would sound like… in French? You’re in luck! At GalaCon 2013, you’ll be able to see Julie Basecqz, the voice of Rarity from My Little Pony Les amies c’est Magique! Apart from her very chic and magnifique role in the French dub of our favorite cartoon, she’s also done voice work for a whole bunch of other shows, including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Adventure Time."
 Thanks to The Round Stable for the original article.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #56


Getting ready for Thanksgiving, aren't you Flusttershy? Let me help, it looks like you've got you're hooves full. (That and I want some some potatoes too... )

Fanfic: Helicopter-Tank-Castle-of-Scootaloo

[Comedy] [Random] [Adventure] 

Captain Scootaloo of Equestria's Royal Air Force has been assigned the mighty Helicopter-Tank-Castle-of-Chickens for a special mission: Rescue Princess Rainbow Dash (Celestia's daughter, duh) from the clutches of the Shadowbolts!
With Celestia's beard in danger of getting soggy, can anyone else perform this feat of amazing consequence? Will Scootaloo earn the princess' hoof in marriage? Will a second

Music : Discord's Game / Today / Lazy Day at the Farm

Have some music while I go to the store and pick out a Turkey for tomorrow. The first one is pretty intense, followed by a vocal and an instrumental. ENJOY!

1.) Thomas H. - Discord's Game (feat. Blaze)
2.) Restrained Madness - Today (500 sub special!)
3.) Nicolas Dominique - Lazy Day at the Farm

comic post #55: Gotta have that horn / Send in the Clones Clones Clones Clones / G: Commissions

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got flugel horns, paintings, and clones! Read em' after the break.