Wednesday, November 21, 2012

French VA of Rarity Attending GalaCon

Julie Basecqz, the French voice actor for Rarity, will be one of the featured guests in Europe's GalaCon! Y

Copypasta from the GalaCon press corps:
"Have you ever wondered what Rarity would sound like… in French? You’re in luck! At GalaCon 2013, you’ll be able to see Julie Basecqz, the voice of Rarity from My Little Pony Les amies c’est Magique! Apart from her very chic and magnifique role in the French dub of our favorite cartoon, she’s also done voice work for a whole bunch of other shows, including Pok√©mon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Adventure Time."
 Thanks to The Round Stable for the original article.