Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nightly Megathread #128

Time for a Rarity header... in all of her glory generosity...

Mashup: MLV2 - Love Is War x This Day Aria/ Somepony That Used to Raise Barns/ ALAO & SGAP Kupo Cluterf*ck Mashup/ These Books and Pens/ Stereo Gypsies

First off, I'm a start charging y'all per compliment
You give to me, see how much purse I can earn off of it
As far as bars, you heard wrong if you heard continent
It's incontinence, inconsequent turned sponsorin'

Mashup! Mashups everywhere!

We got a Vocaloid/MLP mashup from Biff0r, a "better" mashup of this from s2jdfgs, a "clusterf*ck" mashup from JHaller, a short little mashup sent to me from CHANG31ING (with a little easter egg within the video), and another Living Tombstone mashup, this time from s2jdfgs...

1. MLV2 - Love Is War x This Day Aria | My Little Vocaloid 2
2. MLP: FiM vs. Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somepony That Used to Raise Barns
3. ALAO & SGAP Kupo Cluterf*ck Mashup
4. These Books and Pens
5. The Living Tombstone vs. Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine - Stereo Gypsies

Music: Face Your Fears/ L-O-U-D-E-R/ Across Equestria/ Where Rich Ponies Go (City Colt Remix)

Music. I knew something was missing today.

Flaedr -- Face Your Fears -- Vocal D'n'B
GatoPaint -- L-O-U-D-E-R ( Rainbow&Rooted Instrumental ) -- Instrumental Metal
Oblivia (feat. Gigglymaria) -- Across Equestria -- Vocal House
Sim Gretina -- Where The Rich Ponies Go (City Colt Remix) -- Vocal House

Season 3 Finale Party Kit released on hubworld.com

So, there's new stuff revolving around the Season finale ready for download on hubworld.com.

There are Recipe Cards, Coloring Pages, Cut Outs and Activity Sheets. All in .pdf format.
Click the direct links above or hit the first one for a pop-up menu.
Have fun.

Comics: Backlash/ Alicorn 4 A Day/ Background Pony/ All Fired Up

Well, I guess you had your daily dose of world-shattering news.

It's time for comics.

Season 4 to have 26 episodes!!

This calls for a celebration!
Check out the thing that says so right here!
It says that there will be at least 91 episodes of MLP:FiM. Which minus (2*26+13) is 26. Yay I can math!
Now it is still possible that Hasbro's plans could change in the next few months, But, short from certain, this still seems very likely.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #159

There really isn't anything to post over here... Even the amount of art is small.

Have some of it after the break.

Game: Racing Is Magic

GOOD MORNING (or at least in my timezone), BRONIES! Truly the best way to wake up is to get a morning filler of pony games, so howdy-flash game-doo! I got an official pony racing game expertly titled "Racing Is Magic" and it shall be linked.... right... here.

And the preview video for the game is after the page break.