Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nightly Megathread #2304

I hope everyone enjoyed today's episode as much as I did. I think I speak for everyone when I say Season 9 is the best season of MLP so far. When Celestia found that forged friendship letter, I mean OMG what a twist, am I right? Why not talk about it and everything else beyond the break.

Mashup: Babs Seed feat. mandopony (the living tombstone's remix)/ MLP: FiM Mashup Pt.2 - Applejack & Applebloom Vs Pinkie Pie/ Discorded Diswashered Dubstep/ Lunar Inspiration/ Lunar Divide

Open up this cupboard
and you'll find a bone of everyone inside,
breathe life into articles
and breathe in particles before our time,

"Time for a game of reappearing mashups..."

What's up, everypony? We got ourselves another mashup version of this from MrOwl24, a mashup battle between Applejack/Applebloom and Pinkie Pie from Dean Birchum, another version of this mashup from TheDiswasher, a Brony mashup from CHANG31NG, and a Luna mashup from Evost0rm...

1. Babs Seed feat. mandopony (the living tombstone's remix) CMC mash up
2. MLP: FiM Mashup Pt.2 - Applejack & Applebloom Vs Pinkie Pie (2013)
3. Discorded Diswashered Dubstep - "Discord" and "Dishwasher Dubstep" Mash-Up
4. Lunar Inspiration
5. [VDJ] Lunar Divide (Linkin Park vs Eurobeat Brony - Live VDJ Mashup)

Finale Spoiler: Images post

My reaction now whenever we get a new spoiler. Every time.
But seriously, though. There isn't much left to spoil anymore.

Have new and more or less spoilery images after the break. This post will be updated whenever there are new not ground-breaking ones.

EDIT: A new image has been released on the My Little Pony facebook page. Added here.

Afternoon Music

Get yourself some tea and listen to a fresh bunch of music.

Crystal Slave -- Princess Twilight -- Acoustic Piano
Cyphers Wolf -- Fevre Dreams / Awake -- Alternative
DannyBrony -- Luna's Song -- Vocal
Delta Brony -- Daring Do (Eurobeat Jungle Mix) -- Eurobeat
GatoPaint Feat. LyraScratch -- Anthropology ( Cover ) -- Vocal Rock Cover
Koroshi-Ya -- My Special Somepony -- Rap
Magnitude Zero -- Our Journey -- Instrumental
MyCutieMarkIsAGun feat. Buffalo Brony -- Colgate's Office -- Dark Rap
Ziran & Storms -- The most beautiful flower -- House

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #167

Another slow day for art. I wonder why it decreased so dramatically...
But as long as I see new beautiful Fluttershys, I'm fine. Personally.
Hope you find your favorite pony somewhere in here.

Mixed Media: EveryPONY Do The Flop / The Harlem Shake / Hitler Grumps / Medic / Nothing Can Stop Us Now / I la la lahv you

Yours is the horn that will pierce the heavens! Some mixed media for you today. Ponies doing The Flop and the Harlem Shake, some Game Grumps, Rainbow Dash needing a medic, The Little Engine That Could, and some Cadence and Shining Armor. So head past the break and enjoy.

1. EveryPONY Do The Flop - DeathlyPumpkin
2. The Harlem Shake My Little Pony - RusBronyGet
3. MLP: Hitler Grumps (Game Grumps) - JakeWhyman (NSFW language)
4. MLP Shorts: Medic - ManOfManyLolz
5. Nothing Can Stop Us Now - SonicJrandSarah
6. I la la lahv you - residentmaria


All of my what, and all of my why.

Morning Miscellania

So it looks like we might just be able to get Tara Strong a Birthday present, sort of, even if it's a day late. She's doing well so far in the Shorty Awards! Go vote for her and help her out!

Also, it looks like we've got some spoilers from an article on comics online. It's actually not bad news this time! Hooray! Also have a pic of it that highlights the spoiler on Derpibooru

Nature of the spoiler: Looks like Celestia will be singing a song, and there will be more than one song in the finale!(highlight to see words)

And after the break, have an R63 version of that "Anthropology" song that was submitted earlier, and a  random video that really sums some stuff up hilariously.