Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mixed Media: EveryPONY Do The Flop / The Harlem Shake / Hitler Grumps / Medic / Nothing Can Stop Us Now / I la la lahv you

Yours is the horn that will pierce the heavens! Some mixed media for you today. Ponies doing The Flop and the Harlem Shake, some Game Grumps, Rainbow Dash needing a medic, The Little Engine That Could, and some Cadence and Shining Armor. So head past the break and enjoy.

1. EveryPONY Do The Flop - DeathlyPumpkin
2. The Harlem Shake My Little Pony - RusBronyGet
3. MLP: Hitler Grumps (Game Grumps) - JakeWhyman (NSFW language)
4. MLP Shorts: Medic - ManOfManyLolz
5. Nothing Can Stop Us Now - SonicJrandSarah
6. I la la lahv you - residentmaria