Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nightly Megathread #92

Rarity by *14-bis

It's another Sweetiebot Nightly Megathread, so you know there will plenty of crack pot theories and speculations in this post. Tonight's conspiracy will have to deal with Rarity. Go on past the break and put on your tinfoil hats. 

Comic: Army fail/ Family issues/ Congratulations/ Thinking Outside the Blocks/ The Great Equestrian Novel

What? I may be unbiased with the whole "Best Pony" debacle, but I won't disagree to this statement...

Besides, there's comics to read after this post's break...

Mashup: Ballad of the Crystal Empire / Da Funk/ They Will Bring the Stallions Out/ Ctrl+Z/ Lyra's Body Addiction/ The Devil Went to Raise the Barn!

Can't see the end of this or who survives
It's just another case of do or die
Can't see the end of this or who survives
It's just another case of do or die

Chrystal Ballad to the tune of Daft Punk, Girl's Generation sing to Balloon Party, Pony Swag: The House mashup, Christina Aguilera sings to one of SimGretina's WIPs, and an Applejack Hoedown!

1. Ballad of the Crystal Empire / Da Funk mashup
2. Six of Lasers vs. Girls' Generation - They Will Bring the Stallions Out
3. Ctrl+Z Mashup
4. SimGretina vs. Christina Aguilera - Lyra's Body Addiction
5. My Little Pony Mashup - The Devil Went to Raise the Barn!

Discussion: Fandom Frontiers Brainstorm

Often it seems like the brony community has reached every possible artistic/technological medium. But with a little creativity and time, it is possible to notice the things that have yet to be done. So give it some thought: can you come up with anything that hasn't been done before, to the best of your knowledge, by bronies?

Since that's tough, as an alternative, is there anything that bronies are doing that you think there should be more of?

Poll Results: Apple Family Reunion Rating

Howdy, I reckon most of you thought that was a good episode. In fact over half o' ya'll expressed so, |head on past the break for some more content, yeeha| 

Spike at Your Service Episode Review

Ah!  I'm glad you could make it.  While it would certainly be in the spirit of the episode, I sincerely hope I don't have to put you in my debt to convince you to read this week's episode review.  Because I'm perfectly capable of that.  But whether it's of your own free will or not, make sure to check out the review past the break.

Spike At Your Service BGM

Timberwolves are actually kinda cute when they aren't ripping your internal organs apart. I wonder if they could domesticated...

Thanks to DHN for the original post!

  1. Runaway Balloon (Kinda reminds me of Ganon's theme)
  2. The Everfree Forest
  3. Touching Moment
  4. The Timberwolves

PMV: Pony Royale and Casino Royale Side Comparisons/ Na Na Na

You guys are probably saying that I''ve used this header too many times. Well my friends, you are dead wrong. You could never have enough Twilight Sparkle. Anyway, see the PMVs after the break. 

Also, I have to say that the Pony Royale one was spot on.

Fanfic: Nosflutteratu by Charcoal Quill

Dark Comedy Slice of Life

Twilight Sparkle had been looking forward to a quiet, relaxing day with a friend, and at first it seemed that Fluttershy could provide just that. But when Twilight makes a rather unsettling discovery about the pegasus – and her unusually sanguine appetite – the knowledge proves to be anything but relaxing...

Read the fic here. *vampire hiss*

Comics: Bubblewrap/ Muffin Talk/ Nappy New Year 2013/ Hearth's Warming Together/ PONIES!!! - 25/ Secret Agent Derpy

What are you talking about? I haven't used this as a header yet. All of you are paranoid. Just go read some comics.

Music: Pinkie Pie Circuit / Last Stand / Stickerbrush Crusaders / Happy Birthday Vinyl Itch / Fluttershy's Assertiveness

Listening to this music while playing Cards Against Humanity with lots of relatives. I have no idea what's going on.
  1. Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross - Pinkie Pie Circuit
  2. Equestrian Space - Last Stand
  3. Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross - Stickerbrush Crusaders
  4. Happy Birthday Vinyl Itch
  5. Blaze - Fluttershy's Assertiveness

Artsy #106


Hey wait just a minute... Rarity as Scrooge? How does that work!? Perhaps I'm misinterpreting this art. More after the break!